VMware Networking & Security.

Transform networking and security. A new approach for your enterprise.

Take the next step in enterprise networking and security. Connect everything in your distributed world via a software layer that extends from data centre to cloud to edge.

Choose VMware and Bechtle to:

Build a secure application infrastructure.

Ensure intrinsic security and extensive data visibility across your network and workloads.

  • Reduce the attack surface. Protect east-west traffic with micro-segmentation to prevent the lateral spread of threats. Use the intelligence of the VMware Application Verification Cloud to build and verify known good app behaviour – no additional agents or appliances needed.
  • Leverage deep app visibility across clouds. Get application awareness well beyond Layer 7 with machine learning that understands and adapts to applications over time. This provides unprecedented visibility into apps, users, and devices.
  • Deliver granular protection for apps and data. Leverage VMware’s virtualisation layer to enable intrinsic security for your infrastructure and the applications and data it supports. Simplify policies and management across all your environments as you provide consistent security everywhere. 
  • Speed enforcement and remediation. Automate security operations that would otherwise be complex manual tasks, including policy enforcement of known good for apps, users, and endpoints – and remediation when a threat is detected.
Intrinsic Security.

Protect Your Apps and Data with Intrinsic Security.

Leverage your infrastructure to provide adaptive protection for your apps and data, regardless of their location or movement, and seamlessly secure your data centers, clouds, and endpoints so your users have the flexibility and freedom to work as they wish.



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Integrate cloud networking.

Build a uniform networking and security framework that allows your entire organisation to work confidently across clouds.

  • Leverage end-to-end visibility. Enjoy a unified platform for multi-cloud security, visibility, and operations that delivers simplified management through a single pane of glass. 
  • Seamless operations. Take advantage of a common set of management tools and templates to deploy and manage your networking and security quickly and iteratively.
  • Simplify policies across clouds. Streamline management with consistent policy. 
  • Run faster. Eliminate manual network configuration across clouds for increased operational efficiency and faster time to market.
Virtual Cloud Network.

Provides a seamless, secure, software-defined networking layer from data center to cloud edge. Leave bolt-on, siloed networking and security products in the past. Simplify your hybrid operations with an all-in-one cloud-model that extends intrinsic security and end-to-end policy consistency across your entire environment.





Extend your network to the edge.

Enjoy reliable branch access to cloud services, private data centres, and SaaSbased enterprise applications.

  • Unify networking for any cloud, across the WAN, and to the Network edge. Enterprises are transforming how they architect and utilise their networks and infrastructure, with a shift towards a cloud-delivered, software-defined model. This enables organisations to extend a unified software-defined model from the data centre and the cloud, across the WAN, and to the edge of network.

Find out more about VMware NSX Data Center.


VMware NSX Data Center offers a completely new operating mode for software-defined networks and forms the basis for the software-defined data centre (SDDC).

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