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Why Cisco Secure Firewall?

The Cisco Secure Firewall is a foundational element of the industry's most comprehensive and open security platform.

Top class security control

Defending networks against increasingly sophisticated threats requires industry-leading intelligence and consistent protection across the board. Improve your security today-with Cisco Secure Firewall.

Consistent policy and transparency

As networks become more interconnected, it is difficult to ensure comprehensive threat visibility and consistent policy management. Simplify security management and visibility across distributed and hybrid networks.

Integrated secure network

Cisco Secure Firewall forms the basis for integrating powerful threat protection functions into your existing network infrastructure. In this way, the network becomes a logical extension of your firewall solution.

Firepower family at a glance.
Firepower 1000 series

For SMBs and branch offices Simplified Cisco Defense Orchestrator management reduces administrative overhead. Leaving you more time for your business initiatives.

Firepower 2100 series

Suitable for large branch offices, trades and enterprises Choose the management option that best suits your environment and the way you work.

Firepower 4100 series

For large campus networks and data centers, logical firewalls for flexible deployments, encrypted web traffic analysis, DDoS attack protection, clustering devices for maximum performance and high availability, scalable VPNs, network access attempt blocking, and more.

Firepower 9300

For service providers and high-performance data centers. This modular carrier-class platform enables the creation of separate logical firewalls and scalable VPNs, analyzes encrypted web traffic, protects against DDoS attacks, clusters devices for maximum performance and high availability, blocks network access attempts, and more.

Increase the added value of your firewall - with SecureX.

Add value to your firewall with the integrated Cisco SecureX platform and benefit from a consistent user experience with unified visibility, automation capabilities, and enhanced security for networks, endpoints, clouds, and applications.


Simplified security.

SecureX is a cloud-native, integrated platform that connects our Cisco Secure portfolio to your infrastructure. It's integrated, simple, unified for visibility, and maximizes operational efficiency through automated workflows. It dramatically reduces the dwell time of threats and human-driven tasks to ensure compliance and counter attacks.

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