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Art-ificial intelligence.

When three scientists and a project manager team up to make art, they make it intelligent. The Lunar Ring group of artists is showing an interactive AI art installation, supported by Bechtle, in the city center of Potsdam during the celebrations for German Unity Day 2020. 

Innovative workplace solutions.

The Lenovo Thinkpad P15v and Thinkpad P1 models are your best bet for today's mobile workstation.

Power Your NAS with WD Red™.

Customised NAS solutions, high performance hard drives and fast SSDs for maximum productivity at home and in the office.

Privileged Account Security Solution from CyberArk.

Designed to provide maximum security for privileged user accounts in all environments.


New office building at Bechtle Platz 1 setting the bar for sustainability.

Bechtle AG is building the foundations for future growth at the Neckarsulm headquarters with the IT company continuing to pursue its strategy of generating and using renewable energies through a raft a different measures.

New team takes helm of Inmac Wstore.

Jacques Théfo, President of Inmac Wstore shall be handing over his role to a new leadership duo as part of a planned transition on 01 October 2020.

AMD Ryzen™ Processors for Business.

The fastest growing processor series perfectly adapts to your working environment. Now is the time for cutting-edge technology, outstanding performance and world-class efficiency.




C Day: The inextricable link between data protection and IT security.

Data protection and information security have always been related, but the introduction of the GDPR means they are now inextricably linked. What aspects need to be considered by companies?

The 5 aspects of cyber security.

This is how you protect your company from cyber attacks. We offer you a comprehensive range of services for all aspects. Find out more in the Bechtle Blog.

Cyber Protect - Next Level of Cyber Protection.

In this webinar you will learn why traditional backup is no longer sufficient today and get to know Acronis Cyber Protect. It offers unique integration of backup functionality, complete next generation anti-malware protection and comprehensive endpoint management tools.

New Work - shaping the digital future.

Everyday work is becoming increasingly complex and requires new working environments. These enable productive work and also promote the well-being of employees - and thus motivation and satisfaction. Find out how you can achieve this in our Live Event.

Sachtleben Minerals – Crystallising a shared future with Citrix.

Users at each one of the group’s companies now have access to the same applications, data and directories through a Citrix-powered Modern Workplace. More of a hike than a walk, every step towards the new folder structure was well worth it, as it makes the lives of employees sharing and collaborating on files that much easier.

Scale your data centre - with Microsoft Azure and Bechtle.

Companies today must be able to react quickly and flexibly to changing conditions in order to remain competitive in the market. This is why it is important to modernise the IT infrastructure and strategically integrate cloud solutions.  Microsoft Azure offers companies a wide range of opportunities here. Learn more now!

Bechtle wins Dataport tender for open-source collaboration platform Phoenix.

Dataport has commissioned Bechtle with the creation of a web-based collaboration platform building on open-source products by Univention. 

Scale your data centre with Microsoft Azure.

Use Microsoft Azure to modernise your IT infrastructure and strategically integrate cloud solutions. Find out more in our webinar recording. Watch it now!

Digital Transformation with Google G Suite.

All in one package – the powerful online tools from Google Cloud. In this webinar we will show you the possibilities of innovative collaboration with G Suite for German medium-sized businesses and answer all open questions.

Installation SAP S/4HANA.

Whether you need a test, sandbox or production system, we’ll install your S4/HANA systems on the platform of your choice so you can tap into the benefits of the new SAP Business Suite in no time.

WLAN simulation & planning.

Through a professional planning of your WIFI infrastructure you will receive an exact result for the implementation of your WIFI project. You get access to the experience of our technicians, so that planning reliability is guaranteed.

Leadership is changing.

We hear and read it in many places. Science provides the proof. Practice shows us. And if we take a quiet minute, we can even feel it: leadership is changing. Why is this so?

Bechtle empowers digitalisation in Saarland schools.

Bechtle has been awarded a framework contract to provide the Regional Association of Saarbrücken with over 20,000 HP notebooks and Aruba network infrastructure. The contract also covers a tailored service concept for the delivery of end-to-end services over a period of up to four years amounting to up to 12 million euros.

Intelligence On-Demand – Why digitization only really gets going with AI.

Can the digital transformation really deliver? There are certainly a lot of misgivings. Digitalisation projects frequently fail because they are said to be too time-consuming, expensive or detached from what employees really need. One reason is that it is difficult to quantify the benefits of such projects, but this is where artificial intelligence can help.

Creative AI showcased in futuristic Cube on German Unity Day.

Artificial intelligence is brimming with creative energy—visitors to Baden-Württemberg’s Cube can tell. Part of the German Unity Day 30th anniversary celebrations, the digital art installation Grenzauflösung located in the heart of Potsdam feeds visitors’ imagination as it blurs the lines between reality and art, showcasing the state’s progressive and innovative clout.

Bechtle as employer.

At Bechtle, everyone is part of a strong and connected team—One Bechtle. Discover the stories of our colleagues and what Bechtle stands for.

Our goal is to shape the future. What about yours?

Our about 11,500 employees have their sights set high. Become part of the Bechtle success story. 

Digitisation partner of the Public Sector.

Bechtle has been successfully supporting public organisations in the digital change process for years. Innovative, efficient and resource-rich, we provide sustainable answers to transformation, disruption and the necessary cultural change. 

Regional, close and connected.

With more than 70 locations, we are unrivalled in our proximity to our customers. A strong network that has only one goal: future-oriented IT for successful companies and public clients.

Everything your Business needs.

The choice is yours: latest technology trends, future-proof products and solutions, smart webinars, trainings and events and a huge amount of exciting stories from the IT world.