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Business applications – Boost your company’s performance.

Digitalisation poses new challenges for businesses. Business networks need smart tools to handle increasingly sophisticated environments linking people, machines, processes and services. Within this context, the availability and reliability of information is vital. Business processes must be made transparent, analysed and evaluated to ensure quick access to all pertinent information required to make major business decisions, now and in future. Applications must be properly linked for companies to take full advantage of their IT, allowing an unobstructed flow of information to help maximise their competitive advantage.

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Discover the many business applications to move your business forward.


CRM/xRM – In-depth customer insight.

To identify worthwhile sales opportunities, you must know your customers inside and out. A smart CRM system is key to nurturing long-term customer loyalty, and many solutions exist to do just that, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, which seamlessly combines CRM and ERP features.


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ERP – Your business information hub.

Today’s multi-faceted ERP systems are platforms containing diverse applications working together to maximise the efficiency of your business IT. They manage and analyse personal and machine, service and product-related data so you can plan, organise and direct all of your processes towards the ultimate goal: advancing your business.




CAD, CAM and PDM – Solutions for product development.

Successful innovation requires the right tools. Powerful and user-friendly applications can make even the most complex designs readily comprehensible. All aspects of product development are covered, including 3D construction (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), simulations, product data management (PDM), electrical computer-aided design (ECAD), technical documentation and product visualisation.


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PLM – Getting to market faster.

Time is of the essence, especially in the business world, often overriding even cost considerations. The first company to release a new product, for instance, is able to secure a significant market share. Thanks to product lifecycle management (PLM), companies can improve performance and efficiency, slashing the time it takes to transform an idea into a marketable product. 


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Collaboration and workflow – For synergistic teamwork.

Business collaboration can be frustrating at times and processes often entail mountains of paperwork, leading to workflow bottlenecks. Automating workflows can make them faster and more efficient. But if you need more than the familiar workflow features offered by Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics 365, we have additional solutions to choose from.


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ECM/DMS – Effective information management.

Information is the lifeblood of your business—and should be stored and managed accordingly. ECM systems pool all of your business information on a single, digital knowledge platform, making it available to any employee who needs it. They also streamline collaboration by readily supplying content to employees who use it on a daily basis to make important decisions.




Business intelligence (BI) – Full transparency.

What good are massive amounts of business and customer data if you can’t use them to gain new insights? Strategic decisions, in particular, require fast access to vital KPIs. At the click of a button, business intelligence solutions provide exactly the information you need—from statistics to complex analyses—so you can identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses at a glance.


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Artificial Intelligence – Challenges and opportunities.

More and more companies are investing in artificial intelligence (AI) to help them gain a competitive advantage by improving services, making information available more quickly and implementing new business models. But the clock is ticking: 80 % of companies have already invested in AI and this number will only increase. According to McKinsey, 39 billion dollars was invested globally in the technology in 2016. Companies that do not take the necessary steps now will be left by the wayside.


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Virtual reality – Discover a wealth of new opportunities.

Digitalisation is changing the way we work and interact with our environment. New technologies such as augmented reality, holograms and 3D scanning are allowing us to become part of a virtual reality still in the making, opening up unique opportunities, especially for companies. Employees can immerse themselves in simulated worlds using augmented reality headsets or smartphones and tablets.


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Bechtle offers consulting, planning, implementation and support services from a single source. We provide the IT, business and product-development solutions to help you obtain exactly the digital processes you want. And our experienced application consultants integrate not only software but also hardware—quickly, simply and securely.