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                  The foundation of IT architecture.

                  Network security and stability is a multi-faceted, crucial, topic. In order to achieve your business goals, your employees must be able to quickly access any application, anywhere, anytime. At the same time, you must protect yourself from outside threats to keep sensitive data safe. And new technology, such as virtualisation, can be a boon for your business—if properly utilised. These three aspects, availability, security and future-proof technology, form the core of a powerful IT infrastructure. And to guarantee them, your data centre requires valid data.


                  Continuous, central monitoring to ensure security.

                  Management and reporting software provides you with essential data and, depending on the provider, solution options. Platforms such as Trend Micro Control Manager enable round-the-clock process monitoring, both on premise and in the cloud. Whenever a threat is detected, this software compares it against current security policies, prioritises it and, if necessary, notifies your IT department. Not only does central monitoring keep administrative hassle low, it also allows you to compare all available data, thereby proactively identifying and staving off threats. In addition, tools such as Damage Cleanup Service get rid of network viruses and other malware.


                  Keeping an eye on your systems with management and training.

                  The same principle is applied to network availability and future-proof technology. Instead of detecting and preventing threats, however, the focus is on aligning actual and expected system loads. Virtualisation has pushed this concern to the forefront, as corporate networks are now processing ever-growing data volumes and clients must be able to access applications reliably. To ensure availability, for example, software must be able to recognise which backups it can run without slowing down performance. Our Bechtle online shop carries a variety of useful tools, often integrated with larger platform solutions. You’ll be sure to find a suitable solution for your corporate network, whether by VMware, Microsoft or another provider.