Public authorities require stable IT systems to protect their and their citizen’s confidential data from damage and loss. Dataport is a leading IT service provider working with public authorities in northern Germany and the state of Saxony-Anhalt, driving the digital transformation of public administration and unparalleled security by leveraging prevention, detection and response in its own secure data centres backed by a Security Operations Centre (SOC). Dataport is committed to supporting its public sector customers by applying the Federal Office for Information Security’s (BSI) compulsory IT baseline protection through suitable security standards. To do so, the IT service provider equipped the 80,000 IT seats at the authorities under its remit with the best hardware and also offered related services, both of which had been provisioned over the last few years by an external provider, who was commissioned to do so for a period of four years at a time on the back of a tender and framework agreement. The call for tenders for the framework agreement from 2023 on not only included hardware procurement, but also all supporting services and the seamless operation of the workstations. With this in mind, Dataport needed an IT partner to supply clients, displays and peripherals as well as handle IT lifecycle services from delivery and installation to repairs and recycling. Hardware configuration, rollouts and the certified erasing of data were also on the wish list of services. In the end, Bechtle was awarded the contract for the framework agreement on the “Supply of hardware for IT workstations and services” from January 2023 after the IT company beat the competition with its optimum value for money for the required hardware and services. After signing the contract, Bechtle was able to realise Dataport’s innovations and also achieve the desired ecological and social sustainability.

Bechtle’s ability to seamlessly deliver the hardware was incredibly impressive and the quality of service completely exceeded expectations. Our partnership with Bechtle now goes far beyond the provision of services and is characterised by a spirit of innovation and sustainability. We’ve been collaborating closely for over ten years and we know that we can rely on Bechtle to deliver what we need.

Simone Liebich, Head of Field Service, Dataport AöR


Since 01 January 2023, Bechtle has been responsible for all on-site hardware-related services ranging from the installation of new devices to the disposal or recycling of old electronics with the contract due to run until 31 December 2026. This period also includes the potential handover to a new contractual partner and Bechtle made use of the year provided to carry out an analysis of the status quo and further optimise the processes at the eight Dataport sites in order to fulfil the requirements of the tender.

For the duration of the framework agreement, Bechtle will turn to its tried and tested manufacturing partners, HP and TPV Technology and its Philips brand, for some of which the IT service provider is the largest European partner. This allows Dataport and other customers to receive preferential deliveries. On top of this, 200 Bechtle experts are solely responsible for Dataport’s hardware-related services and support the 80,000 IT seats supplied with clients, displays and input devices. To smooth the way, Bechtle set up its own sites in Magdeburg and Bremen to be able to more efficiently support the Dataport technicians.

Every step of the way, Bechtle’s focus was firmly on aspects of ecological and social sustainability as well as compliance with human rights and environmental standards along the supply chain. Working conditions at the production sites are monitored by the independent NGO Electronics Watch to ensure all IT hardware ordered by Dataport are manufactured without child or forced labour or discrimination and in full compliance with worker’s rights. What’s more, all clients and displays bear the TCO Certified sustainability label.


Business benefits.

The long-term and trusting partnership with Bechtle not only means that the IT hardware needed is in the right place at the right time, but that Dataport’s can always rely on Bechtle’s technicians to install and configure the devices correctly. Thanks to Bechtle, Dataport can keep an eye on all rollouts, replacements and retirements across the 80,000 IT seats. Bechtle sets great store in sustainability and reliability every step of the way and thanks to regional support at the IT company’s branches, the Dataport customers can be sure to receive effective and fast assistance. In this way, Dataport not only ensures public administration security, but also that the digital transformation can continue to be driven forward.