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Measurement and analytics in IP-networks.


Measurement and analysis in IP networks Service for measuring and analyzing IP traffic in your network infrastructure. You get an overview of which applications are used in your network and how good their transmission quality is. You will learn in which areas bottlenecks exist or can arise and if performance or transmission problems already exist, we will support you with our detailed analysis and help you get to the root cause of the problem. Measurement-Analysis-Evaluation as a basic package with a measurement period of 10 days.

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    Use case
    Product description
    Use case

    IT in your company wants to gain visibility into how well your business-critical applications are performing in their remote offices or in a home office environment and whether they are getting the required transmission quality?

    You have fluctuating performance or transmission quality in certain areas of your network and want to find out what is causing it?

    You use IP-based real-time applications such as video or voice communication as SaaS in your company and the users complain about fluctuating transmission quality?

    Different internal departments, as well as external service providers or service providers engage in "finger pointing" when problems occur and error analysis & troubleshooting take up a lot of time as a result?

    You would like to know which applications use which share of the available bandwidth in your network infrastructure? We support you in bringing light into the darkness and provide you with the necessary transparency and visibility!

    Added value
    With our solution approach, we can establish network visibility for you, starting from the user to the application. It doesn't matter whether the user accesses applications from the corporate network or the home office, whether data is transferred via the wide area network, or whether the user accesses applications in their own data center or in public cloud environments.

    Why Bechtle?
    We have many years of experience in analyzing network infrastructures, whether in small office environments or large enterprise networks. We work with the market leaders in network performance monitoring and network analysis. We are independent and neutral and can perform the analysis in any current network infrastructure, regardless of which vendor(s) you have in your network.

    Product description
    IP Measurement

    It is a service for measuring and analyzing IP traffic in your network infrastructure. You get an overview of which applications are used in your network and how good their transmission quality is. You learn in which areas bottlenecks exist or could potentially arise. If performance or transmission problems already exist, our detailed analysis will help you to quickly get to the bottom of the cause of the error and we will give you recommendations on how to eliminate these problems. Methodology / Approach We use the LiveNX solution from our partner LiveAction for measurement & analysis. This requires the loop-in of a passive network probe, the LiveWire Edge System, into the active transmission path. The system offers corresponding 10/100/1000 BaseT interfaces. How this can look like, you can see exemplary in the following illustration (Figure-1).


    The LiveWire Probe analyzes the transmitted data, detects applications, and captures relevant metrics such as response times, delay, jitter, packet loss, call quality (MOS) in real time. LiveNX's patented visualization technology correlates the disparate data sources (such as NetFlow, sFlow, SNMP, DPI, synthetic tests, API) across any domains (such as LAN, WAN, multi-cloud) and then provides comprehensive overviews showing the current and also historical state of application and network performance. Procedure We pre-configure the LiveWire Edge System for you and you integrate it (see Figure-1) into your network, after prior consultation with our specialist. We are happy to support you remotely. After commissioning, the system records the above data from the IP packets (IP addresses, source/destination and IP port source/destination, no payload information) and collects this data locally. The recorded information remains on the system! After the end of the recording period (10 days), you as a customer send the system back to us and we begin with the evaluation of the data and generate for you, the reports resulting from your data. The reports will be made available to you afterwards. Important information and delimitations Your users and applications will not be affected by the recording at any time. No company data is transmitted externally and Bechtle is not subject to the archiving obligation under the DSGVO. After the report has been created, the recorded data is deleted. Afterwards, there is no possibility to access the recorded data. The scope of services does not include on-site support.


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