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How the modern workplace is changing the way we work.


Digitalisation is in full swing. These are interesting times for companies and their employees, because now is the time where employers have to set the stage for the years to come, if they want to survive. Employees now have very different requirements of their workspaces than was the case only a few years ago. A proper work-life balance has become very important and most employees can no longer imagine not working from home at least a few days a week or having flexitime. So how can companies cater to this? The answer is the digital workplace.

But introducing this isn’t as easy as simply investing in new technology. That’s only one piece of the puzzle. Recent studies have shown that modern work is far more a question of having the right mindset. When everything meshes correctly, companies benefit from happy, productive and efficient employees and teams. Bechtle is here to support you on your journey to the digital workplace with a bespoke modern workplace concept. Basing our services on an extensive needs assessment, we offer everything from a single source, from consultation and the right products and services to a perfect application mix of cloud-based offers and IT services as well as on-premise solutions. And all of this has a solid foundation in the form of the six pillars of modern working.

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The benefits of a Digital Workplace:

Enhanced productivity and
employee satisfaction.


Take weight off your IT’s shoulders with modern
rollout and management processes.


Attract more talent
to your company.


Work becomes more mobile and
independent of time and place.


Easier collaboration globally,
in teams and across departments


What is a Modern Workplace? Understanding the Digital Workplace.

Modern Workplace, Digital Workplace, Workplace of the future—there are as many terms are as there are definitions of what modern work actually entails. We see the modern workplace as the holistic interplay of devices, software and services that are designed for use by employees. It is important to always focus on what your team needs—
flexible and networked working and access to information that is relevant, at any given moment. 

For this to be realised, a comprehensive Digital Workplace concept that covers everything from your company’s existing infrastructure, the requirements of both your teams and your managers and a modern approach to IT security needs to be developed. A complete rethink is needed, because modern working is not dependent on locations or time and needs to encourage your team to fully exploit the benefits of digitalisation. 



To get to the modern workplace you have to break new ground.

Discover the opportunities modern working can offer in our whitepaper on the subject.

  • Attract more talent as a more attractive employer.
  • Increase employee productivity and satisfaction.
  • Enjoy faster rollouts and simplified device management.
  • Work efficiently from anywhere, with any device.
  • Collaborate smartly. Globally, flexibly and across teams.

Start your journey to the Modern Workplace—step by step with our strategy.




Business Manager Modern Workplace

Christian Malzacher


Business Manager Modern Workplace

Christian Malzacher



Our cross-company teams know exactly what our customers need and implement smart solutions and Managed Services to face the challenges of the modern workplace.

The six pillars of modern working.

Remote work, hybrid models and digital meetings—a digital workplace can offer many advantages but also pose many challenges. Our team of professionals live and breathe the future of work. With the latest tools and a great deal of passion we can make your workplace more productive, flexible and secure. Get to know us! All of our approaches are based on the six pillars of modern working that we’ve identified throughout our many successful projects.

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Modern meetings
Modern communication
Modern deployment and management
Extended reality
Digital office
User adoption and change management
Modern meetings

Hybrid meetings where some of the workforce is on-site and others are working remotely or even hot desking at the customer’s are now very common, and it looks like they are here to stay. Your meeting rooms and digital workplace have to be prepared to quickly and reliably host high-quality hybrid meetings in the digital workspace.

Reliable collaboration tools can help your employees have fast access to relevant information when in meetings. For many of these applications, AI is coming to the forefront when it comes to providing background information at the right time. In addition, high quality cameras and microphones and the right setup for your conference rooms can significantly enhance the efficiency of meetings.

Modern communication

Your employees will be much more decentrally organised in the future than they are now. Millions of jobs will no longer be done at a desk, but remotely, which could have an adverse effect on communication. Unified communication platforms are a perfect solution as they combine various devices at the workspace. Efficient communication is more than just a new desk phone or a slick smartphone. Our modern communication solutions help you enable hybrid working for your employees, making you and them available any time, any where.

Modern deployment and management

Managing a raft of end devices is putting a lot of pressure on the IT departments of many companies, as the wide range of technologies have be set up and managed with regular maintenance. With a unified endpoint management system, these tasks will become second nature to you—just like setting up a smartphone. We’re here to help you with our perfectly matched cloud strategy. Implementing Zero Trust can guarantee the secure operation of the end devices and computers in your company.

Extended reality

More often than not, deploying and maintaining systems requires expert knowledge on site. Extended reality technology can enable an expert to dial in and assist the technicians on site and walk them through steps without having to be there physically. Our AR and VR solutions can also radically transform training and virtual meetings, being especially beneficial in manufacturing where product design and development costs can be significantly reduced. 

Digital office

We believe that the paperless office entails more than simply managing documents digitally. We also see the digitalisation of important HR and Legal department processes as a pillar of modern working along with room concepts that support desk sharing solutions that can be booked from anywhere and digital signatures which are also an integral part of the digital workplace.

User adoption and change management

Modern technologies and the opportunities they pose are changing how we collaborate, but the modern workspace can only be successful if it is used correctly. For modern office concepts, applications and cloud tools to find a receptive audience, you need to involve your employees from the get-go, as the human component is decisive. This way your staff can get used to the changes that need to be in place at the workplace faster, which will make for a much more positive employee experience.

Holistic digital workplace solution with cloud-first strategy. 

Sigel GmbH from Mertingen, Bavaria, had been toying with the idea of agile work concepts for several years. Then the pandemic happened, which accelerated the process, as was the case for many German companies. At this point in time, several employees still had fixed desks with desktop PCs that had to be replaced by notebooks for remote work. The next step was to introduce Microsoft Teams as a central communication platform, hence integrating video telephony. Alongside the needs of management, IT and the infrastructure, it’s important to take into account the users’ desire for more flexibility when developing a holistic Digital Workplace concept. Only then can you truly benefit from modern Digital Workplace concepts: increased productivity, a happy workforce supported with the right applications and devices and a future-oriented IT infrastructure. Rethink IT workplaces holistically. We’ll help you with our IT solutions.


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The Modern Workplace with Bechtle. Our approach.

For SMEs, enterprises for the free economy or the public sector: In four steps, we’ll work with you to create your personal Digital Workplace concept.


Strategy and governance. 

Create a mutual understanding of the Modern Digital Workplace as part of a digitalisation strategy. We work together with you to define your requirements.


Planning and design.

We analyse your IT architecture and draft a personal solution tailored to your needs before selecting the best IT solution.


Once the solutions are in place, we move on to the migration phase. We don’t want our users to notice what is going on so that they can continue to work without interruptions. 

User adoption and change management.

We’ll help you familiarise your users and managers with the new technologies. It’s all about taking the users on a journey. A critical process for success. Alongside workshops and training seminars, we work with company management to develop a communications strategy to cement the Modern Workplace as part of the corporate strategy.


Experience real change live at our Bechtle Digital Workplace spaces.

The latest technologies in the digital workplace can support you in recruiting and strengthening your employee retention. But how do you manage to transcend from a traditional workplace to a successful New Work model? What choices do you have and which technologies can help bolster modern work practices in daily business?

These are all legitimate questions when it comes to the Digital Workplace that our Bechtle Digital Workplaces can provide the answers to. Experience the modern office in all its glory. Let us show you how working on remote end devices can foster digital collaboration, for example, in environments where the new world of work has already implemented holistically. In a workshop that is customised for you, you will receive additional information on your digital working environment and benefit from some first-hand examples by our experts.



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Productive, flexible, secure – the modern workplace.

A modern workplace is not a matter of blindly hoping for the best. With the right partner by your side you can master the digital transformation without getting lost along the way. A solid strategy, the expertise and the right tools will make your employees more flexible and content and hence more productive. Are you already on your journey towards the modern workplace and facing some stumbling blocks? Or maybe you are just starting out and would like an overview. Talk to us about it. Make an appointment with one of our experts and find out what a future-ready environment can do for your company.


The six pillars of modern working.
Mobile Working.
Meeting Solutions.
Collaboration and Communication.
Extended reality.
Digital office.
User Adoption & Change.
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