The Bechtle IT Infrastructure portfolio.

Your company’s computers rely on shared servers to function. Find powerful servers for your business in our Bechtle online shop.

Storage servers allow you to store all of your company data in a central location. Check out for a variety of storage components.

UPS systems are critical for keeping servers supplied with power. You’ll find a large selection of products for reliable power in our Bechtle online shop.

Looking for essential network hardware? Our Bechtle online shop carries Wi-Fi controllers, modems, adapters, switches and much more.

Security is a top IT infrastructure concern, no matter what business you’re in. Our Bechtle online shop carries key components to protect your data.

Racks can house individual servers or entire networks. Our online Bechtle shop offers a variety of different racks to meet diverse requirements.

If you’re going to invest in efficient IT, warranties and services are a prudent choice to protect your infrastructure. Bechtle offers numerous warranty upgrades and extensions.

An Efficient IT network requires the right infrastructure accessories. At Bechtle, you’ll find everything you need for your NAS, SAN and more.

Hard drives and circuit boards can become defective after a few years of hard work. Find premium parts to replace them in our Bechtle online shop.

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A large selection of UPS systems, racks and more.

Our Bechtle online shop features a variety of products to help you build, expand and secure a highly-functioning IT infrastructure, including servers and racks, storage systems, switches, routers, access points and all types of accessories. We also offer a comprehensive selection of UPS systems, in both standalone and network versions. Manufacturers provide extensive warranties and services for many of their components, including load balancers, switches and routers. Upgrades and extensions are also available.


Firewalls to keep your network safe.

Security should be a top priority if your IT infrastructure is exposed to the outside world—by an Internet connection, for instance. While firewalls protect your data and systems from unauthorised outside access, e-mail and software security are also vital components. Statistics show that about half of all hacker attacks begin with browsers. Roughly two-thirds of German companies, for example, have fallen victim to cyber criminals, some of them multiple times. But this problem doesn't just affect large corporations—small and medium sized companies need to protect themselves, too.


Adapters, switches and modems for your network.

Network adapters allow you to integrate PCs, notebooks and workstations into your network. But it's often these same adapters that are responsible for issues that hamper corporate workflows, meaning it's crucial to select the right one. Our online shop carries network adapters from leading manufacturers such as Intel, Allied Telesis and QLogic. Use our convenient filter options to narrow down your choices by manufacturer, price range and other specifications such as encryption, speed and interface. We're also here to give you personal advice when you need it.