The Bechtle Connectivity portfolio.

Network architecture and components.

No two companies have the same requirements for their network and network connectivity. And the sheer variety of options can cause an explosion of requirements—think of all the necessary security precautions, the extensive employee training and the hassle of non-compatible network components. Hardware, from power plugs to antenna cables, is the foundation of your network. Components must be properly connected, whether to a mains outlet or each other. More complex connections, such as controlling devices via device servers, extenders and splitters, may also factor into your network.


The challenge of connectivity.

Planning the required connections and nodes within a company network is an ongoing process. And your internal IT infrastructure and collaboration platforms play an important role. Contact us and take advantage of our extensive experience.


A large selection of replacement parts in our online shop.

As a B2B IT partner, our online shop currently offers a big amount of products. Many of them help build essential network connections. What use is a first-class PC if you don’t have a power cable or Internet connection? Contact our product managers to find the right products for your business. They’ll gladly share their extensive expertise to ensure your hardware and software are ideally compatible.