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The future is there for the taking for businesses who equip themselves for it and have a clear objective in mind and Bechtle is the perfect partner to help you get there. Leverage our Managed Services and watch your business grow as we take on numerous tasks and assume responsibility for them. Our extensive Managed Everything portfolio includes future-facing technologies such as automated and scalable Managed Cloud Services to make your business more flexible and drive your success.

As the tech we use becomes ever-more complex, our Managed Services plug the knowledge gaps in your IT departments thus proactively negating the skilled worker shortage. We work closely with you and your IT department to provide IT services either remotely or directly on-site—the choice is yours. In this way, we take a load of your IT staff’s shoulders, giving them the freedom to focus on more future-oriented projects. With our Managed Services, you get access to the latest technologies and can keep an eye on the rest of your business while we handle IT security, quality and availability aspects—24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thanks to our close partnerships with all the top manufacturers, we are always in a position to offer our customer the very best service. Discover the benefits of Managed Services by Bechtle.

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The benefits of Managed Services by Bechtle:

No matter what.

We take on responsibility and generate added value.

No matter how.

Standardised or customised—perfect for your individual needs.

No matter where.

Remote, on-site or hybrid—we’re by your side around the clock.

End-to-end – Everything from a single source.


Our Managed Services are the next step in the evolution of our system house business as we offer coherent end-to-end support that goes far beyond just devices, systems and solutions. From single workplaces to data centre operations. From industry standards to tailored solutions. From on-premise architecture to the cloud. You’ll find the perfect solution for all your needs in our broad portfolio. We don’t just implement and run them, but are constantly adjusting them to lay the groundwork for your company’s future growth.

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With 100 sites across Europe, we can offer our customers fast on-site support. No matter if a large enterprise or small business, we speak your language and take care of business in partnership of equals. If you want, we can also take on your employees in accordance with Section 613a German Civil Code (BGB). Get in touch for an initial consultation and get started towards your digital future today.


We offer end-to-end support, taking on full operative responsibility for IT infrastructures, workplaces, platforms, security and cloud to create the foundations for our customers to get future-ready.

Ingo Janßen, Business Manager Managed Services

What we offer. 


As your future partner, we’ll take on as much work as you’d like to give us.

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Managed Services for your security.

We protect, analyse and secure so your business keeps going strong.

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Managed Services for your infrastructure.

We deliver quality, modernisation and take a load of your IT department to enable a high-performance, networked and hybrid business.

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Managed platforms and applications.

From SAP to IoT, optimise your business and make it fit for the future with our Managed Services.

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Managed Services for employees and workplaces.

We provide a modern working environment where your employees can thrive.

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IT lifecycle management.

From procurement to recycling, our services cover the entire lifecycle.

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Managed cloud and services for digitalisation.

Sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that your data is secure with the cloud provider of your choice.

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Managed Services

On-site support from Bechtle service managers.

Bechtle’s service managers are on-hand to offer on-site consultations on technical and organisational topic, acting as a link between your business’s various stakeholders with their IT expertise and in-depth understanding of your specific situation.


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