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Data centres – The core of your business.

The data centre as we knew it is now a thing of the past. Big Data, IoT, Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence pose completely new challenges to IT. Companies need to be innovative and be able to react quickly to changes in business. Speed and agility play an important role and are crucial for gaining a competitive edge.


For this reason, a modern data centre needs maximum flexibility, cost-efficient, high availability, automation, and, above all, data security. This is the only way to develop products and services quickly and get them ready for market. As a solutions partner you can depend on, we support you in the challenges of your data centre.

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The 360° solution for your company.

Bechtle offers many data centre services and solutions to ensure that companies are comprehensively and optimally supported. From consulting and implementation to managed data centres, we cover all key areas to let you concentrate on what’s important – your business.



We offer:

  • Strategy development
  • IT infrastructure
  • Assessment of
    - Data centres
    - Storage
    - Virtualisation
    - Backup
    - Server
  • Optimisation of data centre infrastructure
  • Monitoring
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Procurement, installation, virtualisation, automation and start-up of network, server and storage structures
  • Integration of backup and archiving solutions

The data centre – Foundation of your cloud solutions.

More and more companies are turning to the cloud to unburden their data centre, become more agile, and leverage more services. Cloud providers like Bechtle Clouds, AWS, Microsoft and Veeam offer a range of benefits that a single data centre simply can’t.


The IDC study, Hybrid Cloud macht den Unterschied (Hybrid cloud makes the difference), shows that a hybrid cloud environment can, above all, provide more agility. A hybrid infrastructure composed of a public cloud and an on-premises environment makes it easier to master the challenges of the digital transformation. But the foundation of any cloud strategy is your own data centre. The better and more modern this is, the easier it is for companies to expand into the cloud and really benefit from it.

Trust is good, but certification is better.

Benefit from the deep data-centre expertise we’ve gathered years from years of experience. Bechtle has been realising successful data centre projects for customers for over 35 years. As a long-term business partner of numerous vendors, we consistently enjoy the highest certifications like Cisco Premier Partner, Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor, DellEMC Titanium Black Partner, HPE Platinum Partner, Microsoft Gold competency, NetApp Star International Partner, Pure Storage Elite Partner and many more.



The visionary at your side – The IT business architect.

At Bechtle, we employ experienced IT business architects who establish a comprehensive picture of your company and support you in your business.


Once they have conducted a basic survey, the IT business architect creates a concept for an IT solution tailored to your business. This is only possible with an understanding of all financial and technical connections. Get in touch today. Our IT business architects are looking forward to hearing from you.

Get more out of your data centre.


High performance and reliability are the most important requirements of a modern server architecture. Are you equipped for the technological developments of the future?


There are many storage solutions out there. But which is right for your business and your enterprise? Assessments enable us to answer this question for you.


Small space. Big power. By leveraging cutting-edge hardware technology, hyper-converged solutions are ideally prepared for dynamic business environments.


Future solutions from Bechtle: Network, server and storage virtualisation are all hallmark components of the data centre of the future.


Service interruptions cost companies time and money. Protect your business against failures with highly-available systems and gain an important competitive edge.


Complete consulting for the data centre: Is your data centre up to date? Are you planning to step into the cloud? We will be happy to support you with any questions you may have about your data centre.


Are you still using legacy hardware? Is your data centre already completely digital or are you using a hybrid cloud? We’ll highlight all relevant security factors for you.

How will data centres look in the future?

The virtualisation of networks, servers and storage will play an ever greater role in the future. A growing amount of resources are being moved into the cloud and can be used as on-demand services. Data centre operations will be much easier and more efficient in the future. Thanks to automation, many tasks will be taken out of the hands of IT departments. IT admins will take care of data centre management and control and manage the entire virtualised structure from a single console.


The next years will also see a lot of technical changes. Whether energy-efficient architectures, higher server temperatures or the introduction of monitoring systems (DCIM), the data centre of the future will become a highly complex yet efficient data processing centre.

The cloud data centre.

Many data centres today are either over or undersized. It’s nigh on impossible to correctly estimate storage and CPU size in an ever-changing business world.


The solution: Companies procure resources as they need them from the cloud. This means that their own data centre is expanded as an on-premise cloud solution. IT admins can manage the entire hybrid cloud environment as if it were their own data centre. This solution is extremely cost-efficient and also offers maximum flexibility and freedom.


A partner for building a server and storage architecture.

Based on Fujitsu components Bechtle built a high-performance, future-ready IT architecture .
Success Story

New IT infrastructure for Protestant social welfare services of Schweinfurt.

For more flexibility, performance and security Bechtle implemented a new it and storage infrastructure.
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Success stories.

Diakonie Schweinfurt.

Bechtle implemented a new storage and network infrastructure for the social welfare services of Schweinfurt, ensuring more flexibility, performance and security.

Demmel AG.

Bechtle modernised Demmel AG’s computer centre, enhancing the quality, stability, security and future viability of their IT infrastructure.

Lotto 24 AG.

Bechtle supported Lotto 24 with the porting of infrastructure and applications from the online platform to new, in-house computer centres, thereby boosting performance and reliability.