google chome enterprise

Work securely in the cloud
with Chrome Enterprise.

The best of Chrome, designed for business.

With Google Chrome Enterprise you leverage the enterprise features of Chrome OS, the Chrome browser and Chrome devices.
That means less admin work for your IT department, more collaboration, secure access to apps and data in the cloud and you have all the most important features you need for your business. Chrome Enterprise has been designed from the ground up to be secure and also offers powerful control options, and your business will also benefit from the high savings potential. Cloud-optimised, slimline Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are more reliable and give your employees faster access to apps and enhanced workflows.


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Chrome OS is a cloud-based, secure and simple operating system. It is also versatile, user-friendly and easy to manage plus the user can access their cloud apps and VDI infrastructure from any device and location. Mobile Chromebooks and stationary Chromeboxes are available from various hardware vendors.

Chrome OS is secure, fast and reliable. Thanks to regular updates and the possibility to switch between Chrome devices with ease, employees can work effectively from anywhere. Due to the low TCO, several layers of security and simple Chrome OD Enterprise management, IT staff can focus on other projects.

Step one involves extensive consultation in which we work with you to define your goals and advise on which measures will bolster your core business. And then, following a detailed analysis, we’ll help you successfully introduce new levels of productivity.

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Acer and Chrome Enterprise.

Secure, agile, and effective working for your company.



Want to test Chrome OD Enterprise for yourself?

Test Chrome OS now with no strings attached with select Acer Chromebook devices.


Cost efficiency.

Save with Chromebooks.

Chromebooks allow you to lower costs, simplify processes, minimise security risks and boost reliability.

  • 295% return of investment*
  • 3 hours saved per device and week*
  • €393,033 management savings*

*Total use over three years

Source: The Total Economic Impact of Shared Chrome OS Devices. A study carried by Forrester on behalf of Google


Sustainable investment.

According to an ESG3 study, enormous annual savings can be made per device through the use of Chromebooks in companies meaning you benefit every year – again and again.


Built-in security features.

With Chrome OS, you protect your users from falling victim to attacks. Your teams can use different application platforms, but can only access those apps that have be classed as trustworthy. And your IT team can stay on top of it all with crucial control elements.

Protection against current threats.

Chrome devices proactively protect against threats that frequently affect older systems.

Protection against malicious apps.

Devices running Chrome OS can be used by employees to access various application platforms, but then only access those apps that have been classed as trustworthy. That means users are protected from malware and the IT department maintains control.

Regular background updates.

Function and security patches are updated in the background so you can carry on working uninterrupted. Latest security measures protect against malicious actors.


Boots fast, stays fast.

End users have access to versatile devices that boot in under six seconds and are updated in the background.

Define corporate qualities.

Define more than 300 policies, install apps and extensions, connect devices with VPN and WLAN networks and manage other Chrome functionality all via a cloud-based admin console.


Cloud-based security systems and a battery life of over eight hours ensure that employees can work from anywhere.

Stay synchronised.

You can save and synchronise apps, settings and extensions so that you can carry on working on any Chrome device.

An improved thin client.

Chromebooks are an excellent alternative to standard thin clients thanks to their cloud-based security, local storage and RAM.

Apps for everyone.

Provide your employees with industry-specific, productivity and video conferencing apps such as Microsoft® O365, Google Workspace, Zoom, Slack, and Webex. The business apps required can be easily accessed via the Chrome browser and Managed Play Store or, in the case of older devices, via third-party VDI solutions.


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