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Document Management Systems and Enterprise Content Management by Bechtle.

People and applications create enormous amounts of content that must be readily accessible. The way documents are saved and retrieved plays a key role in making this possible, as does automated document management. A modern document management system (DMS) and enterprise content management (ECM) empowers employees to fly through files even faster and give your budget a rest at the same time.


ECM – Corporate information management.

Enterprise content management consolidates business information from existing IT applications into a shared knowledge pool that provides an overarching filing structure and powerful search features. Policy-based processes enable faster document turnaround, and enable an immediate overview, while document logs ensure transparency at all times.

Process-aware integration with existing ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX or SAP, and other applications such as CAD or CRM is a matter of course.

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ECM business solutions.

Established best practices addressing common requirements help you implement a successful document management system. Our experts at MODUS ECM Business Solutions as well as the Bechtle Competence Centre for DMS/ECM in Cologne offer a range of pre-configured business applications, drawing on their many years of experience in the field. The solutions include:

  • Incoming invoice management
  • Contract management
  • Quality management
  • E-mail management
  • Personnel management
  • Knowledge management
  • Digital filing for versatile requirements
  • Publishing and authorisation workflows


Our services for compliant, end-to-end content management.

Our ECM services range from consulting to design and planning, project management and implementation, all the way to ongoing support and maintenance of the deployed applications building on the leading ECM platforms:

  • ELOprofessional and ELOenterprise by ELO Digital Office GmbH,
  • Microsoft Office 365 services (including SharePoint), plus
  • tried-and-tested SharePoint solution add-ons.

Our holistic approach means you benefit from direct sourcing of required IT infrastructure components and comprehensive IT system security.

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Digitalise your incoming invoice management to save time and money.

Digital filing – En route to the paperless office.

A digital filing system is a critical step towards a paperless office. It provides a dedicated repository for all your relevant documents and also enables systematic retrieval of related files. Built in rights management means your existing permission concepts can be migrated from other applications. Our ECM business solutions offer pre-configured filing plans and tags for many industry-specific requirements that integrate with relevant IT system modules, including:

  • Engineering – device and machinery files including CAD content
  • Construction – construction files and object management
  • Food industry – recipes, specifications, or animal passports
  • Health industry – insurance and patient files


Our solutions also support general filing requirements across industries and departments:

  • Personnel files
  • Contract files
  • Customer and supplier files

A simple “DropZone” interface makes it easy to import related files including e-mails, contracts in Office or PDF files, receipts, reports, and information from other sources.



Digital simplicity for audit-proof filing.

Audit-proof filing and archiving of all documents is a key component of any document management system. Using suitable hardware and software components, we help you achieve an archiving solution that complies with all legal requirements. Scanned hardcopy files can be disposed of as part of the archiving process as they are replaced by legally compliant digital copies.



Reduced cost with cloud-based services.

Today, cloud-based services can help you streamline many tasks associated with document management and effectively reduce costs. For instance, you can store files and backups on high availability cloud servers, or tap into powerful OCR services to convert your hardcopy documents. The E-POST interface means you can even send digital documents and do away with paper altogether. Just get in touch and tell us what you need. We’re happy to discuss the best solution for you.


Our product partners include:

  • ELO Digital Office GmbH
  • Kofax
  • ecspand – d.velop AG
  • Microsoft
  • Nintex
  • PCS Portal Systems GmbH
  • Saperion
  • Foxit
  • Iternity

Benefit from our experience in ERP, ECM, BI and portal projects for SMB and large enterprise customers to achieve the best solution for your individual needs in your specific business setting and organisation. Get in touch and translate our expertise into your success.


Digitalise your incoming invoice management to save time and money.

Download our white papers:

Bechtle DMS: die digitale Akte.
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Bechtle DMS: elektronische Tätigkeitsnachweise (eTKN).
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Bechtle DMS: ERP-Integration.
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Bechtle DMS: Mail- und Filesystemarchivierung.
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Bechtle DMS: Bechtle Monitoring (BeMon).
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Bechtle DMS Lösungspakete: „BEconNAV“.
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Bechtle DMS Lösungspakete: „BEconNAVBC“.
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Bechtle DMS: Qualitätsmanagement.
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Bechtle DMS: Rechnungseingang.
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Bechtle DMS Lösungspakete: „BEconSAP“.
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Bechtle DMS: Vertragsmanagement.
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