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                From passport scanners to A3 document scanners.

                Professional scan solutions help streamline business workflows. They play an especially important role in digital archiving, transforming paper documents into files you can edit. When selecting a solution, it’s important to consider the format and volume of documents you want to scan. Scanning business cards requires a different device than A3 documents or individual standard-sized documents. Check out our online shop to find network, flatbed, document and business card scanners as well as special book/passport scanners. We also offer mobile scanners.


                The right scanner for each process.

                Document scanners are designed to process large volumes—over one hundred pages a minute and up to 150,000 pages a day. Scanned documents can then be edited with the help of special software, such as optical character recognition solutions. Mobile scanners are ideal for scanning smaller formats, like business cards, receipts or identity cards. Weighing just 200 grams, they can be easily stored in desk drawers or, if used by field representatives on the go, in a bag. Our online shop offers various filter options to help you find the right scanner for your business needs.


                Additional selection criteria and suitable accessories.

                When selecting a scanner, you’ll need to consider the format of the scanned document, your desired scan speed and a host of other factors. For instance, scan quality varies based on the optical density and resolutions offered. Scanners also differ by their available interfaces and ability to connect to a network—many scanners feature USB ports and Wi-Fi capability. Which brand you choose may depend on your company’s existing infrastructure and warranty requirements. Most brands, such as Epson, Fujitsu and HP, offer attractive warranty upgrades and extensions.