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    • BarTender Comprehensive Label Management Software
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      BarTender Comprehensive Label Management Software

      BarTender is the world's most reliable product label management solution. It's the perfect solution for companies of all types, regardless of size or industry. BarTender easily integrates with virtually any enterprise system or WMS, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Körber and others for increased reliability, security, efficiency and better compliance.

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    Migration support in our online shop.

    Planning to migrate from Windows to Linux? Can’t wait any longer to replace or update certain applications? The associated migration process must be planned, prepared and carried out professionally. Whether you’re overhauling your entire software infrastructure, updating an application or just migrating data to a new storage medium, our online shop carries software to help you do it faster, more efficiently and more securely.


    The challenges of migration.

    Certain fundamental rules and sequences are essential to ensuring a successful migration—especially for larger projects— and these strategies are mapped our in special software solutions. For instance, you must ensure that your company's ongoing operations aren’t significantly impacted by the migration. Features such as automated tests can help you accurately predict how your applications will behave on new technology platforms to better estimate and plan project timelines, costs and resources.


    An overview of system availability.

    Migrating applications is similar to migrating data, although it involves software and hardware components as well. Solutions often focus on specific areas. Metalogix, for instance, offers on-demand migration for e-mails, calendars and files in Office 365, local Exchange platforms or hosted Exchange platforms. In addition to preventing data loss, Metalogix ensures outstanding data security and short migration times. Citrix provides automated testing for application compatibility, in addition to other features. This is useful, for example, for determining which applications will run on your new operating system while also supporting the migration itself.