ERP – Successful business planning and operation.

The bigger a company becomes, the more complex it is for managers to retain an overview and control of the individual departments. Are there delivery delays and IT outages? What is the headcount? How are sales developing? Even the smallest disruption to your business or production can have considerable financial consequences.

The solution? Bechtle ERP (enterprise resource planning).

Modern ERP systems are today’s foundation for successful business IT. No matter if cloud ERP or as a local software solution, strategic decisions that secure competitive advantages can be made thanks to the data and insights gained.

The benefits of a Bechtle ERP systems:

Complete overview of all resources.

Lower costs thanks to less admin.

A shared database accessible for all departments.

Business continuity.

Higher productivity thanks to optimised processes.

Improved collaboration.

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Our aim is the optimisation of your business and operative processes with ERP so that you can concentrate on your business.

Additional benefits

  • Simple management of all departments
  • Increase in value creation in the entire company
  • More freedom with cloud ERP
  • Optimum use of all corporate areas thanks to ERP systems
  • Fewer mistakes caused by inconsistent information
  • Easy deployment of information through the ERP cloud
  • Time saved through the elimination of redundant processes
  • More information and business insights
  • Real-time digital analyses
  • Local or cloud ERP solution

Cloud ERP as Software as a Service (SaaS).

An ERP system doesn’t have to be run exclusively as an on-premise solution. A growing number of manufacturers offer cloud ERP systems that can be easily run as an SaaS meaning there’s no need for additional administration, maintenance or updates. The company only pays a monthly flat-fee.
So what about security? Of course, no business wants their business-critical data stored on third-party servers because they fear it being stolen by hackers or competitors gaining valuable insights into their dealings. That’s why classic ERP systems today are preferred on-premise in an in-house data centre rather than as an ERP cloud solution.

What’s the difference between on-prem and cloud ERP? Which system is the best?

ERP cloud solutions can be procured as a Service from the cloud giving maximum flexibility. Businesses can switch between different easy-to-scale solutions and pay only for the ERP solution they actually use. 
Another benefit is that because a growing number of employees work on the go or from home, provisioning and sharing of data from the cloud is much easier and more effective.
On the other hand, those businesses who prefer an ERP system for their own data centre tend to get everything but the kitchen sink – whether they want it or not. In summary, cloud-based ERP systems offer more opportunities and freedoms.

What is enterprise resource planning (ERP)?

Resource planning covers capital, accounting, assets, personnel, warehousing, orders, production, etc, but an ERP system doesn’t only control business processes, but manages and analyses them with the aim of providing a complete overview of all business-relevant items and transactions.
An ERP system works holistically, but can also be used for specific areas such as financing, inventory management, production planning, research, order processing and many more.
There are numerous ERP providers on the market offering ERP systems for small businesses and large corporations including, for example, Microsoft, SAP solutions, SAGE, and Oracle.

Bechtle ERP solutions with Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics is a cutting-edge, flexible software that maps the business processes used by your company’s finance, purchasing, marketing, HR, production and resource management departments. Not only does it provide extensive functionality and long-term value, it’s also simple to implement, operate and manage. Over 1.2 million users in more than 42 countries are already using it!

Whichever is right for you, whether Microsoft Dynamics 365, NAV, AX or CRM, whether on premise or as cloud ERP, we have the right solutions for your industry-specific requirements from SMEs to big corporations and multinational organisations. We provide professional consulting services adapted to your business requirements and have the optimal IT solution for your business.

Industrial solutions with ERP – Customised to meet your needs.

Our experience, extensive know-how and professionalism are hallmarks of our industrial solutions for the manufacturing industry. In particular by taking a holistic approach to analysing your company structure, we are able to offer you finely tuned ERP solutions that will equip you to overcome the individual challenges facing your business, and accelerate your business processes.

Our industrial solutions take advantage of the unique strengths of Microsoft Dynamics, supplementing them with additional features that meet manufacturers’ order processing, procurement, production and logistics needs.

Bechtle’s industrial solutions are aimed primarily at manufacturers in the following industries:

  • Electronics
  • Thermoplastics
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Metal
  • Furniture
  • Food
  • Suppliers

Which ERP system is the best for your industry?

Download our ERP brochures to find out:


Fully map individual customer wishes automatically.

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Software for suppliers.

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ERP software for machinery and plant engineering.

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ERP and CAD systems in one.

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The ERP software for the food industry.

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Software for the plastics industry.

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The ERP software for the food industry.

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Software for the plastics industry.

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Microsoft Dynamics + Azure = Double the performance. Double the benefits.

Microsoft Dynamics as Cloud ERP: Included in our offer of Dynamics 365, we give our customers a secure option to host their ERP environment with Azure and to manage their infrastructure for them.

Drawing from our extensive experience and good partnerships, you can choose the licence and service model that makes the most sense for your business, regardless if you want to rent, buy, move everything to the cloud, or operate a variety of applications. We offer in-depth, expert advice

while never losing sight of the objective of improving the quality of your infrastructure and the operation of your applications.

Microsoft Dynamics, in combination with Azure services from Microsoft, gives you the immediate advantage of having the most secure and best-tested infrastructure Europe-wide. Microsoft Azure offers easy user and licence management, as well as the option of enhancing or scaling back on performance depending on your changing needs. We’re happy to help. Just get in touch.


Perfectly integrated.

When combining Office 365 and Dynamics 365 for Sales, your employees can accomplish most tasks directly from the standard tools that they use every day: Outlook, CRM and ERP. And for you that means more productivity for your business.

From the analysis stage to implementation: Bechtle.

We implement future-proof business solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics and work with you and our partners together to design the digital transformation. Additionally, we also drive growth and further business development to help you meet the demands of your customers.

We combine people, machines, data and processes and help secure long-lasting success for your business. Built on proven standard software, Bechtle develops modern and individual application solutions. We take into account your business’s structure and organisation to ensure a holistic approach.

For over 20 years, we have prided ourselves in offering advanced business solutions for SMEs and multinational companies, including a full range of services from analysis and conception to implementation, maintenance and operation. Our project managers expertly support and advise you on project organisation, business processes and the appropriate IT solutions. Our goal is to build a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with you, our customer.

Our pragmatic approach and clear customer focus, combined with streamlined, structured processes, are key to delivering customer satisfaction and success. We’re also backed by extensive experience, a highly skilled team and a commitment to ongoing training.

Always there for you.

The experienced application consultants and developers on our highly-trained support team are ready to help with any questions that come up in your everyday routine. You’ll get your own online support portal to make sure that you receive effective support fast – because that’s our top priority.

Tailored ERP.

In 1990, Günter and Ilse Achleitner transformed their conventional farm, located alongside the fertile banks of the Austrian Danube, into an organic operation. Both were wholeheartedly convinced of the benefits of using natural farming methods. Neither could imagine at the time how successful their endeavour would prove to be.

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ERP solutions with SAP.

SAP  is now one of the biggest providers of ERP systems. In SAP S/4HANA, we offer an intelligent, integrated ERP system running on the powerful in-memory database, SAP HANA. Accelerate your business processes thanks to intelligent automation, supported by artificial intelligence and process automation.

SAP is the biggest player world-wide when it comes to business applications with over 355,000 customers in 180 countries. Included among the business applications is the popular database technology SAP HANA that serves as the foundation for real-time analysis. With the new business suite S/4HANA, SAP has reached a major milestone in the digitisation of businesses, also offering support for topics such as big data and Industry 4.0.

Which SAP applications would be best for your needs?

No matter if as a cloud or hybrid solution or an on-premise installation, SAP has the ideal solution for every business need.

Bechtle offers many different service packages in their SAP Competence Centre to support your IT department in admin and maintenance or successfully complete your S4/HANA transformation either with experienced consultants by your side or by completely outsourcing tasks, freeing you up to concentrate on your business.


You’ll get all answers to your ERP, SAP and cloud ERP questions in our Competence Centre. Discover how you can optimise your enterprise processes to drive your business forward.

Innovative Managed Services by Bechtle.

SAP? ERP systems? Or an alternative solution from the cloud? Bechtle provides different options of hosting ERP systems from SAP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as innovative Managed Services. This ensures that you always get the infrastructure that matches your needs: highest availability, data protection and data security are guaranteed.

Nowadays, the demands on employees and the IT landscape are much more demanding and complex, which is why it’s important to find a reliable partner that offers the highest levels of service quality. The Bechtle SAP Competence Centre guarantees customer satisfaction with ITIL-based processes and proven methods. With 24/7, 365-day support, you can focus on what’s important.

Bechtle is all about customer proximity, Which is why the SAP Competence Centre offers individually tailored service concepts.

All ERP projects are unique and rich in complexity and require a lot from everyone involved. This makes it all the more important to define the objectives clearly and carefully, and to devise a well thought-out structure and schedule. To ensure your project is a complete success, we only use IT experts with many years of experience in this field.

Planning to introduce ERP or a combination between ERP and CRM systems?

We offer advice on all things ERP, no matter if you are looking for a cloud-based or local software solution. Just get in touch. Get in touch. We’re happy to help.

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