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Virtually all confidential corporate data is saved on storage media somewhere. Whether bank details or access codes, credit card numbers, business and banking transactions, bookkeeping information or R&D data. If these fall into the wrong hands, the very existence of your business can be threatened. Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0 ensures complete destruction of data in selected partitions or from your entire hard drive.

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The right software to optimise your infrastructure.

A company’s IT infrastructure needs to be both flexible and highly reliable. Trends such as virtualisation lead to far-reaching changes in a short period of time, as do new business strategies and corporate divisions. The challenge your IT department faces is to future-proof infrastructure systems without risking the availability of utilised applications in the process. Suitable software can help plan infrastructure transformation in detail and support it once implemented. Our online shop offers a variety of software solutions that are specially designed to scale and accelerate IT networks.


Efficient data management.

Among the solutions Bechtle offers is software from US-based Citrix and Acronis. Acronis Disk Director provides a collection of powerful tools to optimise hard drive use and data backups. The software allows you to create and manage partitions in order to store different file systems on a single drive. It also shortens backup times and makes it easier to recover lost or deleted data. In addition, it offers management features to convert, resize and split data, letting you distribute volumes on multiple drives.


Optimisation for speed and simplicity.

Increasing the performance of resources you already own is a good way to get more out of your investment. Many of the solutions available at bechtle.com do exactly this, as the software publishers providing them understand what companies truly need. Citrix NetScaler, for instance, improves load balancing and enables fast, secure provisioning of web applications. Citrix Branch Repeater is another good example, enhancing and accelerating access to central desktops and applications for branch employees and mobile staff alike.