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Take a dip in the future-proof IT industry. 

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Write your Bachelor/Masters thesis at the company.

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What our students say.


My tasks at Bechtle are really varied. I work with many colleagues from different departments making my job exciting and a mixed bag.

Felisha Sammet, Bachelor Student, Legal Department

Cassian Roser

During my internship at Bechtle, I was given a lot of responsibility to realise my own projects. I was always able to rely on my colleagues’ expertise.

Cassian Roser, IT Security Specialist
(Former intern)

Thanks to flexibility provided to me at Bechtle, I was able to gather experience as a student employee without losing sight of my courses.

Kim Weiß, Working Student

Here to stay – From uni into the Google Cloud.

Katharina’s mission—to get her customers and colleagues using Google Cloud technologies. What motivates her is her passion for IT and a strong will to bring about big change. Even when she was a vocational student, she knew that she wanted to excel at Bechtle—and she made it happen.

Company & Culture.

Exciting insights into the working world of our colleagues at Bechtle.

Our departments.

Help shape the future of IT in positions in IT Consulting, Systems Engineering and Administration.

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We are the motor that drives our customers’ success through expert consultation and the best IT solutions.

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Project Management.

Consult, manage and successfully implement individual customer needs. 

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Product Management and Marketing.

Design unique messages for our products and services and forge relationships with existing and future customers.

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Make sure all our hardware and software products are available. 

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Central Services.

Support and consult our estimated {number-employees} employees with your expertise.

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Work with the latest technology in a modern working environment.


Inspiring and engaging tasks in a future-first industry.


Onboarding made easy – Our onboarding programme with your very own mentor.


Make use of extensive offers in our Bechtle Academy, both professionally and personally.


Stay connected via our student community and the exclusive program for taking on students, Be Connected.


We’ll help you work when and where it works best for you.

Our student retention programme.

Connectivity—not just a buzzword for Bechtle, but everyday life. Through our student retention programme, Be Connected, we stay in touch with committed students beyond their internship, working student job or thesis. After more than a year, we take stock and show our students’ first success stories.

steps to success.

Find out what to expect from our application process and get the answers to all your questions.


Frequently Asked Questions.
Which documents are necessary for an application?
Can I make a speculative application?
When can I take up my position at Bechtle and how long does it last?
Is there a possibility of me working at Bechtle after my studies?
I want to write my project thesis in collaboration with Bechtle or I’m still looking for experts for writing a scientific paper. Who can I talk to?
Which documents are necessary for an application?

We only require your complete CV. Ideally, you should include a personal letter, your last references and results or an overview of your marks as well as any certificates for further training courses. 

Can I make a speculative application?

If you couldn't find the right vacancy, feel free to send a speculative application for one of the following:

Be sure to mention the specific area you’d like to work in. We’ll then check whether we have a vacancy that is a match for you.

When can I take up my position at Bechtle and how long does it last?

For an internship, working student role or thesis, you can usually join us at the beginning of the semester (around March/September). Depending on the department, you may start at a different time, but this will be mentioned in the job ad. The position is usually for a period of six months. 

Is there a possibility of me working at Bechtle after my studies?

If both sides are interested, we would love to offer committed students a job once they are finished with their studies. Read success stories from former students here.

I want to write my project thesis in collaboration with Bechtle or I’m still looking for experts for writing a scientific paper. Who can I talk to?

We will happily take a look at your request. Just send an e-mail to ( or give us a ring on +49 7132 981-4321.

Kontakt Eileen Aiello


Eileen Aiello

Phone: +49 7132 981-4321


Julia Schirrmeister

University Marketing
Phone: +49 7132 981-4321


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