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On your doorstep around the globe—with 14 branches in Europe linked to an international partner network and alliance partners on all continents, Bechtle is where the future is going. 

Does your company do business internationally? You’ve likely asked yourself how to procure hardware and software most efficiently. You’ve most likely also searched for ways to effectively implement uniform, sustainable IT standards. Putting your ideas into practice comes with a certain number of challenges, like finding dependable suppliers in each country and coordinating deliveries to different sites, which is hugely complex

One solution to get the job done.

Bechtle has all your IT procurement bases covered. Trade in the hassle of finding and working with multiple suppliers for the convenience of a single, dependable hardware and software partner—Bechtle.

Our local experts work with you to develop tailored procurement concepts for all your international offices, no matter where you’re based. Whether you want a uniform IT landscape across your entire organisation or a different setup for each country, No problem. We’ll make sure you get what you want, when and where you want it. International procurement is a challenge. Make it ours and watch as we translate the complexity of IT sourcing into unified results that work for you. 

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Our services.

  • Strategic hardware procurement
  • Software and services 
  • International project management

On your doorstep and around the globe. 

  • At home in 14 European countries
  • Worldwide partnerships in 180 countries
  • Long-standing ties with manufacturers around the globe

No two solutions the same.

  • Individual export solutions for over 170 countries
  • Simple e-procurement
  • Customer-specific support

European advantage: E-procurement made by Bechtle.

As an IT or purchasing manager you need to keep your IT procurement costs low and at the same time give in-house users the modern tools they need to deliver great results. And these are just two of the many considerations you have to juggle amid the challenges of an increasingly digital process chain. Enhance your procurement experience and create true value for your organisation with Bechtle by your side throughout the entire procurement process.

Your custom IT procurement portal. is a highly customisable e-procurement system designed to save time and money, streamline and accelerate procurement processes, maximise the use of (international) framework agreements across your organisation, and automatically manage your IT assets.

And it goes right through to your bottom line—over 60% of our customers across Europe use to dramatically cut down on IT procurement and management costs. Thanks to, they were able to expedite or even eliminate legacy authorisation processes, gain on-demand transparency into prices and availability through custom and standardised portfolios, and make sure their users get what they need when they need it through framework agreements and individual product pools.

And they’re getting much more than just hardware and software. Backed by our comprehensive consulting services for all your IT needs—from point products to end-to-end solutions—and combined with bespoke procurement concepts (dispersed or centralised procurement teams, framework agreements, tailored portfolios), bios® has all your bases covered.

Central and local shipments. Networking across borders.

As technology allows us to collaborate over even the greatest distances, it opens up a whole new world of international business opportunities. Bechtle has been expanding its business beyond Germany for the past 21 years. What started out as a foray into neighbouring countries evolved into a network of subsidiaries in 14 European countries and today includes partnerships on every continent. Developing global IT solutions has long become part of our daily business. This includes guiding customers through the complex challenges of European and global procurement, offering the necessary flexibility to deliver what they need.

Bechtle’s headquarters are located in Neckarsulm, Germany, right in the heart of Europe. That’s also where we operate our logistics centre, one of the largest and most advanced of its kind. From here, we ship off-the-shelf products as well as tailored solutions around the world, taking extreme care to operate in accordance with the local strategies of our suppliers. Certain products can’t be delivered to certain locations, which is why we rely on an experienced team of highly trained export specialists to ensure that products arrive at their intended destination as promised and in compliance with legal regulations. All goods are thoroughly documented and meet the applicable export requirements.

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Video interview: New opportunities in international IT business.

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Nothing quite enriches a company like an international workforce. Bechtle demonstrates this on both a small and large scale.


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