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Optimization and Licensing Assessment.

Optimise your environment and benefit from a free analysis of your infrastructure to smooth the way into the AWS Cloud.

To help you on your way, Bechtle offers a comprehensive package of services that have been specifically designed for carrying out Optimisation and Licensing Assessments (OLA) to give you an in-depth insight into your licensing and create a strong foundation for your cloud strategy. Our OLA service bundle includes a detailed analysis of your current on-premise usage—including CPU, memory and hard drive capacity—to define tailored recommendations for a correctly scaled cloud and we also offer advice on licensing options in the cloud—be that Bring Your Own Licence (BYOL) or leveraging cloud-based licensing models. This is a flexible offering that can be adapted to the size of your business no matter if it’s large or small. Additional services to support planning, implementation and management of your AWS infrastructure round off our OLA service bundle.

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Optimisation and licence management – The strategic use of licences.

Companies often face complex decisions when it comes to the defining the direction of their existing IT infrastructure. It’s not just about the technical details, but also the efficient use of resources and strategic licence management. Bechtle is by your side with targeted consulting and specialist services to provide a tailored solution. The Bechtle Bechtle/AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA) helps you minimise costs and optimise licence usage so you get the most out of the AWS Cloud.


When should you start thinking about OLA?

No matter if you already have some experience or you’d just like to find out more about the AWS Cloud, Bechtle offers sound consulting and field-tested insights to get your cloud strategy off the ground effectively.

Product description

What is the AWS OLA?

The AWS OLA is a tool-based analysis of your IT inventory. Once the analysis has been completed, we can compare your on-premise OpeEx costs with AWS Lift & Shift and customised AWS scenarios to define a specific use case, which will form the basis of your strategic decision to migrate to the AWS Cloud or not.


Your tailored business case.

To carry out this tool-based analysis, we leverage proven and reliable means that align with AWS migration best practices such as the Migration Evaluator for on-premise environments or Cloudamize for those customers who already operate in the cloud. The tailored analysis of your IT inventory covers actual usage, system memory capacities, operations traffic as well as your expenditure for Microsoft licences over a period of at least two to (ideally) four weeks. The result? A tailored business case that forms the foundation of your strategic decision to migrate to the AWS Cloud or not.

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Optimisation and Licensing Assessment
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