Maintenance & Repair –
Service from a single source.


IT infrastructures are often made up of systems from various manufacturers and performance classes. Each manufacturer is responsible for their respective products and offers varying services and service levels making it impossible to benefit from uniform service levels and processes.

Within the scope of Bechtle’s Managed Service solutions, we design and manage individual maintenance and service concepts and communicate with all manufacturers and partners. You therefore only need one contact for all your service enquiries and system availability is increased and for your business that means less administration, more efficiency and more security.

How you benefit from Bechtle’s Maintenance & Repair Service

Individual maintenance and service concepts.

Perfectly designed to meet your needs.

Global service availability.

In combination with international portfolios, you have practical, affordable and efficient solutions to manage your devices on-site.

A single point of contact for all service enquiries.

We design and manage individual maintenance and service concepts and handle communication with all manufacturers and partners to boost system availability.

Warranty extension and upgrade.


Bechtle offers a tailored service with warranty extensions and upgrades that go beyond standard manufacturer warranties.

This offer is based on an individual combination of service hours and features enabling us to design the service based on best practices and ITIL in such a way to optimally support your business processes.

Services are provisioned within defined service levels (SLA)—also with the help of the manufacturer’s warranty, individual service packs or service contracts if required—by Bechtle companies and partners.

If your system goes down, individually defined response and restore times ensure that your hardware will be up and running within an agreed time frame.

The majority of all issues are covered by Bechtle’s standard service packs.

We are on-site all over the country for server, network component and other central system issues.

The following options are available for workstation devices:


When the customer sends in a device, Bechtle begins with diagnosis and repair, documenting everything as it goes. The device is then returned to the customer within a few working days.



By having a stock of suitable replacement devices, the affected device can be exchanged at the customer’s premises the day after an issue arises. Once diagnostics have been run and repairs completed, the device is then added to the replacement device pool. Compared to the bring-in service, this considerably reduces downtime and also sees Bechtle handle all the logistics.

On-site service.

If a SWAP isn’t going to be easy, the device is replaced or repaired by an on-site technician, of which Bechtle companies and partners have more than 500 working across Germany.


Modular lifecycle services.

Within the framework of individual service concepts, Bechtle offers a selection of modular lifecycle services for workplace devices.

With our customer-specific teams at the Bechtle sites and trained on-site technicians, we keep downtime to a minimum and reduce your employees’ workload.

Inventory and warehousing.

Within the scope of asset management, we collect device data, label devices and ensure they are correctly stored.

Hardware configuration and installation.

The installation and modification of hardware components, as well as installation of software according to the customer’s specifications.

Rollout and commissioning.

The distribution or exchange of end devices in accordance with a defined rollout plan plus their installation by an experienced technician. Commissioning is rounded off with users receiving individual training.

IMAC services.

An IT environment can operate efficiently only when all processes such as installing and configuring software, moving hardware systems to new locations, or adding or changing software and hardware are perfectly managed and coordinated. Processes like these, which are aligned with ITIL, are known as IMAC services.


Initial installation and pre-configuration of hardware components, installation of software, delivery and on-site setup and installation.


Deinstallation and packaging of end devices, plus the transportation to and reassembly in the new location.


Installation of additional hardware or software



Changes to existing hardware configurations, software updates, customisation of existing applications and deinstallation of superfluous software.

Remove and dispose. 

Removal and professional disposal of end devices (end-of-life management).

Maintenance and repair.

Repair of defective end devices within the manufacturer’s warranty or based on individually agrees Bechtle service packs. The service is provisioned by certified technicians.

End-of-life management.

To ensure data security, Bechtle offers BSI-certified data wiping either through the use of software or the mechanical destruction of storage media. Devices which are still in working condition can be remarketed.

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