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The big difference – Working at Bechtle.

“First and foremost, Bechtle is different.” That’s how we open our Corporate Philosophy. And if you work at Bechtle, you know that it’s really true. Find out why it’s great to work at Bechtle.


Make waves right from day one.

The moment you start at Bechtle, you will be able to work on projects and deliver results your way. An enterprising mindset is in our DNA. When our strands intertwine, there’s nothing you can’t do at Bechtle.


  1. Flexibility.
  2. We embrace the variety of modern working styles and strive to enable employees to choose the best time and place to get the job done and accommodate their particular situation.


  1. Experiencing the modern workplace.
  2. Fast, easy, anywhere collaboration is how our teams have the biggest impact. That’s why our IT communication landscape is top-of-the-range, connecting people with chat, web conferences, video calls, and more.


Integrity, determination, reliability and inspiration – our values are steeped in our rich culture that encourages the individual and brings together the whole. The more we grow, the more we grow together.



Bechtle is a flourishing community that thrives despite, or perhaps indeed because of our dispersed organisation. A close-knit community that thrives well beyond our working lives at countless team events, in sporting groups and much more. 



What could be more exciting than tomorrow? IT is an industry defined by its own reinvention, always creating new spaces for people to prosper and grow, with an excellent economic outlook to boot.



Number 1.

In Germany, we’ve outranked all other systems integrators. In Europe, we’re among the leaders of the pack. And together with our partners on every continent, we’re right on our customers’ doorstep, worldwide. Bechtle is a springboard for those who want to reach the top.



Starring on the TecDAX and MDAX, and with our founders holding a major stake in the company, Bechtle AG has some 100 subsidiaries with an exceptionally stable workplace ecosystem. We make no secret of our assets and performance and crunch our numbers openly in our financial reporting.


Personal growth.

We empower our employees to thrive as people and expand their professional horizons with an array of programmes, seminars and other training opportunities offered by our very own Bechtle Academy. In fact, the number of vocational and university students who join us for the long haul is sticking out.



Inspire customers.

Our product is the future. Our delivery system is one of a kind. We blend close proximity to our customers with IT solutions that are truly end-to-end, creating a unique mix of people and performance, products and expertise that gives our customers that extra edge.



We are aware of our social and environmental footprint. As a signatory of the UN Global Compact, we believe that taking on responsibility in the big scheme of things is the only way to succeed in the long run. We understand the positive impact of diversity and strive to embed it in our teams.


The Bechtle network.

Our close-knit locations, subsidiaries and vendor partners offer a wealth of opportunity, including diverse career trajectories within our organisation and a community-driven pool of specialist expertise.



Perks and benefits.

Bechtle employees enjoy assorted cherries on top. We shop with exclusive discounts on popular websites and can lease a business bike at a great rate. And many of our locations hold regular events to foster health and wellbeing, offer holiday programmes for children, and offer schemes at local gyms.


Visions coming true.

Many companies have a vision. We make ours reality. Our milestones are chronicled in a striking success story and we are now on track to our Vision 2030, aiming for another landmark figure with €10 bn in revenues.

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