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Augment the real world with virtual elements – More and more companies are setting great store by immersive technologies to reap the benefits of extended reality. Leverage extended reality (XR) technologies such as augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) to introduce digital content to training, production and medicine—or organise meetings in the metaverse. These technologies enhance your work day, make things more interactive and inherently improve processes. Integrate AR or VR technology into your company using smartphone apps or various extended reality headsets. We look forward to consulting you and finding the perfect solution.

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Finding the perfect solution for you is our credo. Whether its VR or AR – Benefit from modern technology and significantly enhance your processes.

Mara Ortner, Modern Workplace AR/VR Consultant


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What is extended reality (XR)?

Extended reality (XR), also known as cross reality, is an umbrella term for immersive technologies. It uses computer generated images to display environments and individual objects, allowing the user to combine their physical world with the wider real world. There are different varieties of extended reality – Augmented reality (AR) extends the real world with virtual objects, while virtual reality (VR) enables the users to immerse themselves completely in a virtual world.

Use scenarios for augmented reality.

Augmented reality (AR) is used in logistics and picking and packing – A warehouse worker is looking for a product in a row of shelves. Using the AR headset, they receive the information which shelf they can find the product on. This makes it easier to pick and pack. Users can also access this digital information using an app on a smartphone or tablet. Reality is augmented by this AR function,making work easier. As a general rule, all modern devices that have a camera can display augmented reality. All they need is an augmented reality app.


Use scenarios for virtual reality (VR).

Virtual reality (VR), on the other hand, allows users to enter the virtual reality completely, which creates the illusion of being able to interact in a three-dimensional space. This characteristic makes it interesting for security training, interactive meetings and planning for production halls. This is where VR headsets are used the most.

Extended reality technologies such as AR and VR can be used in various sectors. Whether its for repairing and maintaining machines and systems, in medicine, interactive workshops or for modernising meetings – The right XR solution can drastically enhance your work.

AR and VR – Customer success stories.

Find out how our customers benefit from augmented reality and virtual reality.


Stöber Drive Technology – Testing assembly lines with 3D models.

Marabu – Mixed reality glasses save travel costs, time and CO₂.

Ossberger – Touching from a distance, thanks to extended reality.

Extended reality – futureproof, thanks to Bechtle.

Whether its virtual reality or augmented reality – We’ll guide you to your ideal solution,

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Extra: Meetings in the metaverse.

A virtual world that combines the internet and elements from the real world, where your imagination is the only limit—that’s the metaverse. It’s a place where users can meet up as avatars, to work and play.

And it all happens in real-time. Find out more:


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