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The public sector is facing a host of challenges ranging from digitalisation and the energy revolution to mobility and demographic changes—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

With the right partner by your side, you can tackle them all with ease, free up resources and optimise your structures to gradually relieve departments and drive the digital transformation with the added benefit of greater customer satisfaction.


Our vendor-neutral portfolio of products and services covers hybrid and multi-clouds, managed services, cybersecurity and the smart city to help our customers focus on their core business. We empower the public sector and together, we’ll find the perfect strategy to make sure we are all ready to face whatever tomorrow holds.

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We are your reliable IT partner for:


Sustainable and secure infrastructure.
Efficient and flexible working environments.
Innovative and homey municipalities.
Modern and independent administration.

Steven Handgrätinger

Steven Handgrätinger

Executive Vice President, Public Sector










Administration, industry and academia need to cooperate to leverage existing models and accelerate the digital transformation.

The multiple benefits for the public sector.

Talk to public sector experts
to analyse your IT investments before RFPs.

We have dedicated IT experts working for the public sector at 90 sites across nine European countries.

Specialised managers ensure our services are perfectly aligned to the needs of each target group.

Market proximity and technological partnerships in public administration which benefit from over 1,000 new projects every year.

Customer communities, Bechtle membership in the Bündnis für Bildung (Education Alliance) and a DigitalPakt Schule partner.

Some 2,500 Bechtle employees support public sector customers, achieving revenues of over €2 billion.

Strengthening your public business.

By your side on the road towards digital transformation.

Bechtle helps you optimise your digitalisation strategy and roll it out step-by-step. Through our comprehensive vendor-neutral partner network, we can also advise and support when it comes to tailored solutions. Find out how Bechtle can help you carve a path towards the digital transformation.

The road to digital sovereignty with Bechtle.

Tackle the digital transformation while maintaining control and independence.


Laying the foundations for a smart city?

Exploit the full potential with online services, smart traffic management, sustainable energy supplies and climate-friendly development.

The digitalisation of schools.

We’re making educational IT simple, secure and reliable to drive your digitalisation project’s success.


The quick and easy path to the cloud.

While the world off-campus is increasingly networked, the world of education needs to catch up and rethink its infrastructure.



Don’t miss the opportunity to find out about new trends, deepen your knowledge and meet inspiring people.


Customer stories.

Discover first-hand how digitalisation projects can be the foundations for success and leverage these insights for your own transformation.

Magazin Dornheim
Dr Laura Sophie Dornheim – “Digitalisation shouldn’t be a top-down process.”

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Public sector – People and stories. There’s no such thing as boring.

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Bechtle introduces its Sustainability Strategy 2030.

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