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Thanks to its partnership with Google, Bechtle has been able to expand its multi-cloud portfolio and offer its customers even more diverse services and IT solutions.


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Industries are changing and businesses are developing at an incredible pace. Against this backdrop, owning and operating a data centre is not only a competitive disadvantage, but also a huge burden as organisations try to keep up with the market and their customers.


Moving your VMware-based applications into the cloud is often a complex and expensive process. The IT department needs to get to grips with applications’ new architectures, changes to networks and tools, and in many cases, changes to applications that cannot be run in the cloud. Google Cloud VMware Engine facilitates cloud migration and frees the IT department from operational overheads for the management of physical infrastructure, which in turn reduces the time and money spent on migrating and managing VMware applications. By migrating your VMware applications to Google Cloud, you can continue to use your existing VMware investments, and the same tools, processes and policies while simultaneously boosting business flexibility, security and availability. 



You need a solution that allows you to...

  • … seamlessly rebuild and migrate without refactoring or applications
  • … redress any gaps in IT expertise 
  • … benefit from existing tools and IT investments 
  • … create the agility you need to drive your business forward
  • ... innovate by leveraging the power of analytics, AI and machine learning.


Google Cloud VMware Engine is a fully managed VMware as a Service product that enables businesses running VMware workloads on-site to seamlessly migrate to the Google Cloud without having to restructure or rework their applications. Your VMware environment—including vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, NSX-T components and related tools—continue to run natively in a dedicated and private, software-defined infrastructure from Google Cloud. Essentially, you leverage your existing VMware investments, tools, processes and capabilities to maintain business continuity while avoiding data centre management, hardware refreshes and procurement cycles. As VMware Engine is 100% compatible with your VMware workloads, many of your typical applications can be migrated without having to make changes or use a new application in the cloud. Once migration has been completed, you can also benefit by moving existing data into the Google Cloud and using high-speed access to native Google Cloud services such as AI, ML, Anthos and BigQuery. 

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Support your business with a secure global infrastructure.

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In the cloud, you can flexibly scale as required, but only pay for what you use. 

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Take a weight off IT and infrastructure management’s shoulders and free up more time for innovations. 


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Migrate to the cloud on your terms thanks to the unique migration of Google Cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. 

Huge data innovation. 

Open up new doors for your business with leading native analytic, AI and ML solutions.

Comprehensive security.

Stay protected with industry-leading security.

Seamless creation, operations and scaling with

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Bechtle as a Google Cloud ecosystem partner. Another benefit for you that gives your company additional options for implementing your digital strategy. As experts in virtualisation, the classic data centre and the cloud, you can rely on us. 

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1. Architecture – Overview
2. Use of well-known third-party tools
3. Onboarding and migrating workloads
4. Constant monitoring
5. Secure by design
1. Architecture – Overview

VMware Engine provides a public cloud consisting of a hyper converged compute, storage, and networking stack that is deployed on the Google Cloud infrastructure in various Google Cloud locations around the world. Each private cloud includes a vCenter Server instance that manages several ESXi nodes in one or several vSphere clusters together with the corresponding Virtual SAN (vSAN) storage. VMware Engine is sold by the node with the minimum configuration being three nodes, going up to a maximum of 64 nodes per private cloud. You can create as many private clouds as you like. If you run your workloads in a native VMware environment that itself is running in a dedicated VMware software stack in the Google Cloud, you can migrate and run all your on-site virtualised workloads without having to make any changes there as well. They use the same VMware tools you already know and trust including, for example, vSphere, vCenter, vROPS and vMotion. All VMware licences required for the service are included: ESXi, vCenter, vSAN, NSX-T and HCX. 

2. Use of well-known third-party tools

Another benefit of VMware Engine is that it provides access to the entire vSphere ecosystem with established third-party IT management tools, as well as the complete vSphere core platform and your standard vCenter interface. You can use a wide variety of features, including deployment, monitoring, security, network and IP address management, and identity management, which can all be managed on a single dashboard. VMware Engine delivers privilege extension that enables you to install and manage third-party applications that require administrative access to vCenter. On request, your privileges can be increased for a period of up to 24 hours to make limited configuration changes to vCenter. Afterwards the environment is automatically locked down for security reasons.  

3. Onboarding and migrating workloads

The service supports all standard VMware migration tools such as vMotion and HCX. vMotion is best suited for migrating individual workloads without interrupting the service. In this deployment scenario, you link up your private cloud with your local environment via a dedicated connection tunnel that allows the on-premise management and vMotion subnets to communicate with the private cloud management and vMotion subnets. This in turn enables Cross vCenter vMotion (xVC vMotion). A full HCX licence is also included, allowing you to migrate workloads en masse while enabling L2 connectivity and vMotion or Storage vMotion workflows without having to change IP addresses.  

4. Constant monitoring

For IT teams, monitoring the performance and availability of operating systems, middleware and applications running in physical, virtual and cloud environments in-house is complex and time-consuming and tends to make innovation infeasible. VMware Engine automatically determines the most appropriate level of probes and error logs to suit your organisation. The solution comes with a sub-system for continuous performance monitoring so that issues can be quickly detected and resolved. If, for example, a hardware error is detected, a new node is added to the private cloud and the one that has failed is removed. 


5. Secure by design

As all VMware Engine edge network services—including VPN, public IP and internet gateways—run on Google Cloud, they inherit the basic network security and DDoS protection provided by it. This applies as much to Google Cloud as to dedicated private VMware environments. 


With VMware Engine, you can ensure that data at rest and being transmitted are protected. Data at rest in a private cloud environment can be encrypted using software-based vSAN encryption which works with certified third-party key management servers located on your own network or on-premise, and you can easily control and manage the encryption keys yourself. When data is transmitted, applications are expected to encrypt their network communications within internal network segments. vSphere supports encryption of data for vMotion traffic. 


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