Service and rack monitoring.

IT monitoring system 500 II for the permanent monitoring of important rooms and systems.

With the new Monitoring System 500 II, customers receive a tried and tested solution for the protection of business-critical rooms and systems. This networked remote monitoring system can be used in all industries. It is ideal for the permanent monitoring of IT infrastructures (EDV and server rooms / data centre) as well as production, logistics and technical environments. This networked all-in-one measuring and monitoring system is a monitoring appliance. In other words, the architecture is an innovative combination of advanced hardware and software. The advantage of the 500 series is that it works as a stand-alone system . Perfect for monitoring heterogeneous operating systems.


This monitoring system can be integrated into SNMP-compatible management software if required. If the physical or virtual server with the monitoring solution installed should unexpectedly fail, you and your colleagues will be reliably notified by the advanced Monitoring System 500 II.


Developed as a non-stop monitoring system for monitoring mission-critical (IT) infrastructures, great care was taken in the selection of electronic components. This IT monitoring system therefore features no moving parts, such as fans and hard drives. Customers’ receive a solid 19" metal housing, an internal 230 Volt power adapter and a built-in thermal sensor. This sensor acts as self-protection in the event of overheating in the wall or server cabinet.


Typical areas of application include:
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring in warehouses, logistics and server room environments.
  • Remote monitoring of unmanned technical rooms, energy supply and telecommunications systems
  • Rack monitoring of existing switch, technology, network and server cabinets
  • Infrastructure monitoring of data centre environments

Ethernet-based monitoring systems:

The 500 II IT monitoring system delivers a powerful ARM CPU, Linux-based operating system, an integrated web server and a multilingual web interface.


8 ports for IT infrastructure monitoring sensors:

The 500 II IT monitoring system comes with 8 RJ-11 ports for analogue, IP-enabled sensors. Based on a modular principle, you can select the sensors you need for the protection and monitoring of your critical rooms and systems from the extensive range enabling you to create your own tailor-made solution for non-stop room monitoring.


IP data logger incl. measurement data visualisation:

The IP-based 500 II measuring system includes a data logger that saves sensor data in real-time. Simply adding a USB stick can significantly increase the capacity of the 500 II system’s measurement data storage. Evaluate the data stored in the data logger directly in the web frontend of the Ethernet-based remote monitoring system. 


CAN bus port for CAN sensors and CAN expansion units:

The networked 500 II IT monitoring system is equipped with a CAN bus port. CAN stands for Controller Area Network. CAN has been a tried and tested industrial field bus protocol for many decades. If you need a large number of sensors, simply connect the CAN extension unit for sensors (Art. No. 14029).


Optional 1-Wire module for access control or 1-Wire sensors:

The 500 II monitoring system can also be delivered with a 1-Wire module. Connect, for example, an RFID card reader or an electronic key reader.


Optional expansion board:

If you order the optional expansion board, the IT monitoring system will be provided with 2 additional relays, 8 additional ports for digital contacts and a connector for the 12 V backup power supply.


Optional GSM modem with SMS remote commando function:

The 500 II monitoring system can be equipped with a GSM modem if required. Notifications about critical states or malfunctions are sent via SMS.


Building services are connected to IT network monitoring:

This remote monitoring system supports you in converging building services and facilities engineering into the IT. This system is already equipped with 4 inputs for the connection of digital / potential-free switching contacts ex works.


Integrated logic for notifications and alarms:

The monitoring system offers notifications and alarms via e-mail, SMS (GSM modem required) and SNMP traps.


Live videos and images of critical events:

An affordable USB video surveillance camera can also be connected to the 500 II monitoring system if required. Images and video such as of access to the server room or of rack opening can be sent via e-mail or GSM modem (optional) as required.


500 II monitoring system expansion module features:

  • 2 x bistable relays including front-mounted status LEDs
  • 8 x additional inputs for potential-free contacts
  • 1 x 12 V port for backup power supply / Li-ion battery