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IBM Data Protection: More than just data backup and recovery.

Data is an indispensable asset for businesses today. But how can you best protect your sensitive information while ensuring that you can access it at any time? IBM has established itself as a leading provider in this area with its IBM Data Protection solutions and offers far more than just classic storage and recovery solutions. With innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions, IBM Storage and IBM Data Protection helps your company protect your data and ensure your business continuity. At the same time, your data meets all legal requirements. We help you effectively secure and manage your valuable data with the right IBM Storage, IBM Data Protection and IBM Tape.

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How does IBM Data Protection help my business?

IBM Data Protection provides comprehensive security for physical file servers, virtual environments and applications. With scalable IBM Storage Protection solutions, you can manage billions of objects per backup server and reduce backup infrastructure costs. Also reduce your storage costs with data efficiency features and the ability to migrate or copy data to tape, public cloud services and local object storage. Protect your investment with long-term data retention with IBM Tape. Benefit from workload protection, high scalability, storage efficiency, resilience and cost-effective data retention. Rely on proven best practices, integrated cloud delivery and a global network of business partners.

What is the difference between IBM Storage Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect?

The two data protection solutions IBM Storage Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect focus on different aspects of data protection and data security. IBM Storage Protect offers you data protection at the storage level and was developed specifically for IBM storage systems. IBM Spectrum Protect, on the other hand, gives you a more comprehensive data protection solution. The backup and recovery software protects your data on a variety of storage platforms.

What is IBM Storage Protect?

Designed specifically to protect data at the storage level, IBM Storage Protect helps you back up, recover and replicate your data on IBM storage systems. With IBM Storage Protect, you can back up your business data to a variety of storage platforms. This includes cloud storage, tape drives and hard disks. The flexible and scalable architecture thus meets your growing data security requirements.

What is IBM Spectrum Protect?

IBM Spectrum Protect is your comprehensive data protection solution. The enterprise backup and recovery software is designed to protect data in heterogeneous environments. It enables backup and recovery of data across multiple storage platforms, including hard disks, tape drives, virtual environments and cloud storage. As a result, IBM Spectrum Protect provides scalable data protection for physical file servers, applications and virtual environments. It offers features such as deduplication, data compression and encryption to improve data protection efficiency and security. With IBM Spectrum Protect, you can manage billions of objects per backup server while reducing backup infrastructure costs.

Why should you use Spectrum Protect for your data protection?

Organisations today face the challenge of managing the cost, complexity and capacity of their backup systems, especially as more information is collected, processed and stored than ever before. IBM Spectrum Protect simplifies your backup management and helps you meet stringent regulatory and compliance requirements. With scalable performance and built-in data efficiency, you can lower your costs. The solution also offers cloud backup and built-in security features to protect against ransomware attacks.

The right IBM Data Protection technologies for your business.

Find the right IBM Spectrum Protect solution for your company and get your own personal backup and recovery strategy - local, in the cloud, virtual or all combined.

IBM Spectrum Protect - simply combine.

Protect your data - no matter where. You can combine the IBM Spectrum Protect solution with various IBM storage technologies to get a comprehensive data protection and recovery solution.


Key features of IBM Spectrum Protect for your business:
Multi-workload data protection:

Lowers operational costs by supporting multiple workloads.


Supports massive data growth.

Storage efficiency:

Leverages incremental backups and data reduction for efficient use of storage space.

Cyber Resiliency Support:

Monitors data and Air Gap to tape backup for added security.

Data Retention Options:

On-premises and cloud storage for long-term data retention.

For data retention and disaster recovery:

IBM Spectrum Protect can serve as a target for IBM Spectrum Protect Plus and leverage existing investments for long-term data retention and disaster recovery.

With IBM Spectrum Protect Plus - virtual appliance for fast data recovery.

Protect your data - no matter where it is. You can combine IBM Spectrum Protect Plus with various IBM storage technologies to create a comprehensive backup and recovery solution. It's easy to deploy as a virtual appliance and easy to maintain thanks to its agentless architecture. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus improves the quality and speed of development, testing and analysis, helping you realise the full value of your data. By offloading data to on-premise and cloud-based object storage, as well as IBM Spectrum Protect, you get cost-effective data retention, comply with your regulations and recover your data as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster. Physical and virtual tape storage are also supported.

The biggest benefits of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus for your business.
Ease of use:

SLA-based policies simplify data management. Drill-down dashboard simplifies storage usage and compliance tracking.

Easy to deploy:

As a virtual appliance, the solution is easy to deploy. RESTful APIs enable seamless automation and easy access to data.

Multi-cloud enabled:

Enables you to achieve cost-effective, secure and long-term data storage and data compliance in multi-cloud environments.

Fast recovery:

Global search capabilities and instant data access enable extremely fast recovery of VMs, files, databases and applications.

IBM Tape Storage - the cost-effective long-term storage option.

IBM Tape Storage offers you a cost-effective option for long-term storage that is particularly advantageous compared to hard disks or flash storage. Offline storage on tape makes your stored data virtually invulnerable. IBM is a leader in tape storage and has many years of experience in providing solutions to a wide range of clients. Find the right IBM Tape Storage from the IBM Tape family - we will be happy to advise you:

TS4500 - Enterprise Tape Library.

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TS4300 – LTO Tape Library.

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TS2900 - Tape Autoloader.

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LTO – IBM tape drive.

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IBM TS1160 – Jaguar tape drive.

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