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IBM technologies are widely used by banks and insurance companies for transaction processing, as platforms for ERP solutions such as SAP HANA and databases such as ORACLE and DB2. IBM hardware technologies are an excellent choice when innovation, reliability and investment protection are your priorities—not only for large corporations, but also for SMEs.

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Bechtle Switzerland provides expert advice on everything connected to IBM technologies such as the IBM Power Server platform, the fastest Flash storage environments and solutions for business continuity with IBM tape, and the associated backup software solutions.

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  • Digital Trust
  • Power Systems
  • Storage Systems
  • Spectrum Storage Software
  • Data Science & Business Analytics

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  • IBM Power Systems
  • IBM Storage
  • IBM Software
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IBM is one of the inventors of electronic data processing. The company’s over 100 year history is peppered with revolutionary inventions and innovations such as the first commercially usable computer, magnetic storage, RISC chips and the IBM PC.


IBM also plays an active role in research, which resulted in Nobel prizes For the development of the scanning tunnelling microscope and the utilisation of superconductivity among others. IBM computers were used to make calculations for the Apollo moon landings as the fastest super computers, but also for commercial tasks. IBM is also a leader in the development of quantum computers.

The IBM Story.

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