IBM - Innovation, reliability and digital transformation

IBM: Innovation, reliability and digital transformation.

As one of the world's leading technology providers, IBM, in cooperation with Bechtle, offers you a comprehensive range of technologies, solutions and services to drive the digital transformation of your company. Especially in transaction processing for banks and insurance companies and as a platform for ERP solutions such as SAP HANA or databases such as ORACLE and DB2, IBM plays a decisive role. IBM solutions such as IBM Power Server, IBM Tape and IBM Flash Storage are an excellent choice for companies that consider innovation, reliability and investment protection to be essential - no matter how large your company is.

Bechtle Switzerland offers you expert advice on all aspects of IBM technologies, such as the IBM Power Server platform, the fastest IBM flash storage environments and solutions for business continuity with IBM tape and the associated backup software solutions.


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Who is IBM?

IBM is a global technology company that invented electronic data processing as well as the first commercially viable computers, magnetic storage, RISC chips and the IBM PC. Founded in 1911, the innovative company has developed into one of the world's leading providers of IT products and services. IBM is known for its innovation and today offers technology solutions such as hardware and software, cloud services and consulting services. 

The development and provision of advanced technologies are as much a part of IBM as research. This has resulted in Nobel Prizes for the development of the scanning tunnelling microscope and the harnessing of superconductivity, among others. IBM computers calculated the Apollo moon landings, are the fastest supercomputers or are used for commercial tasks. IBM is also a leader in the development of quantum computers. At IBM, innovative solutions are created for complex business challenges - your business challenges!

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The IBM Story. 

The story behind IBM.

Why should you use IBM?

IBM is an experienced and reliable technology partner with a broad portfolio of innovative solutions. The company invests in the latest technologies and creates innovations in research and development. Are you looking for a tailor-made solution for your business requirements? With IBM Power Servers, IBM Storage and IBM Data Protection, you get reliable, secure technologies that are optimally tailored to your needs. The AI built into IBM Turbonomic optimises your performance and costs. Ask our experts how IBM can help your business and overcome your challenges!

IBM Award 2022
IBM Ecosystem Award 2022 for Bechtle.

In February 2023, IBM honoured us as a long-standing partner with the IBM Ecosystem Award as Swiss Top Partner of the Year 2022. This award is given to companies that have strong sales with IBM technologies, place new strategic topics and inspire customers with their comprehensive know-how.

Bechtle Switzerland is very pleased about this award and looks forward to a successful and exciting future with our valued partner IBM.



Our IBM Products & Solutions.
IBM Power Server.

With the IBM Power Server, you get more agility, optimal automation and maximum reliability. Implement SAP HANA, Oracle databases or other ERP solutions even more easily.

IBM Turbonomic.

With IBM Turbonomic, you can rely on an AI-powered solution to dynamically provision applications. Use AI to optimise the performance, cost and compliance of your hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.

IBM Data Protection.

With IBM Spectrum Protect advanced data protection solutions with scalable data protection, you get an all-around secure backup and recovery strategy with comprehensive data resilience for physical file servers, virtual environments and your applications.

IBM Storage.

Maximise the efficiency, data protection and performance of your backup storage while reducing costs with IBM Storage. This makes your data resilient and ready for hybrid cloud, big data and AI.

Galenica relies on an IBM SVC solution and on managed infrastructure with Bechtle.
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU).
For the new block storage solution, HSLU put its faith in IBM technologies. The SSD’s higher performance reduced the amount of disks required throughout the system.
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