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IBM Power Server: Scalable, powerful, flexible, secure and highly available.

The latest generation of IBM Power Servers supports the modernisation of your applications and infrastructure as part of the IBM Power Platform. Work frictionless and lossless in the hybrid cloud, simplify your management and increase your sustainability. IBM Power Servers IBM Power9 and IBM Power10 give you the agility your business needs.

That's why you should use IBM Power Server.

For 13 years, the IBM Power platform has provided enterprises with outstanding scalability and performance for their demanding workflows. It offers highly flexible virtualisation and management capabilities. And IBM Power Systems also improve the security of your IT with better isolation, integrated stack and industry-leading availability. Lower your total cost of ownership with the attractive features of the IBM Power platform:

  • More agility
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Innovative protection of your data
  • Modernisation of your applications
  • SAP HANA and Oracle support
  • Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Pak integration with 20% more performance and high availability
  • Tools like vHMC, PowerSC and PowerVC provide configuration, security and virtualisation management
  • High scalability, performance and availability reduce operating costs
SAP HANA on IBM Power - an unbeatable DUO!

In an age of constant technological advances, exponential data growth and rapidly evolving business landscapes, the efficient use of resources is paramount. Learn more about why SAP and IBM make an absolute dream team in this context.

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Power10 server: Maximum efficiency, optimal workloads.

The latest developments, such as the powerful IBM Power10 servers, the innovative IBM MQ Appliance M2003 and the secure Hyper Protect Virtual Servers for VPC offer numerous advantages for your IT infrastructure. Discover the latest breakthrough technologies from IBM.

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Simple management.

With the IBM Hardware Management Console (HMC), you can configure and control one or more IBM Power Servers - easily and without special hardware. You can provide your servers and their performance flexibly via a virtual appliance. The HMC supports not only IBM Power9 servers but also the new IBM Power10 platform and enables, among other things, the configuration of login retries, inactive password expiration and location as well as data replication configuration for groups. The IBM Hardware Management Console manages all IBM Power8, Power9 and Power10 servers with IBM PowerVM.

For your database applications.

The new IBM Power Servers offer specific solutions for various applications in your company: For example, the IBM Power Platform simplifies and accelerates your SAP HANA implementations. IBM Power Servers also provide the right foundation to implement your Oracle Database and App workloads. They support solutions for Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Pak to secure sensitive data and workloads and integrate new applications faster.

Integrated AI.

The IBM Power10 architecture helps you bring AI to your business and run your insights and automation up to five times faster. IBM Turbonomic artificial intelligence, built into the IBM Power Platform, integrates directly with your core business applications and databases. It integrates securely and efficiently into various operating environments - be it Linux, AIX or IBM.

Reliable. Safe. Sustainable.

IBM Power servers are known for their scalability, performance, flexible virtualisation and management capabilities, security and high availability. With the IBM Power platform, you get fail-safe, mission-critical servers with 99.999 percent availability and only 3.3 minutes or less of unplanned downtime due to security issues in surveys. Users like Mondi Group are seeing increased end-user application performance for SAP S/4HANA, which means you consume less CO2 and operate more sustainably.

Green IT: The path to a sustainable data centre (German)

Digital transformation and ecological sustainability are two of the major issues currently occupying companies in Switzerland. And they are indeed closely linked: Digital solutions ensure greater efficiency - but at the same time, data centres and digital applications also need a lot of energy: all data centres worldwide consume 200 to 250 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity every year. That is about 1 % of the world's electricity demand. And in terms of CO2 emissions, IT has a greater impact than aviation. However, there is still a lot of potential for savings in Swiss data centres.

Look forward to exciting insights and practical solutions to make the digital transformation more ecologically sustainable. Our two experts Reto Gennoni, Alliance Manager at Bechtle Switzerland and Etienne Grosjean, Regional Manager Suisse Romande and Country Leader Power Systems at IBM Switzerland, will share their experiences and insights with you and give valuable tips on how companies can improve their energy efficiency and achieve their ecological goals at the same time.


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Genossenschaft Migros Zürich
Thanks to Bechtle as a reliable IT partner, the Genossenschaft Migros Zuerich receives new architectures for backup and SAP systems.
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