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IBM Turbonomic: Save costs intelligently with Application Resource Management (ARM).

Optimise your performance and maximise your resource efficiency with IBM Turbonomic, the intelligent solution with Application Resource Management (ARM). In a world of complex applications and constantly fluctuating IT demands, you need to manage your IT resources differently. Over-provisioning wastes them and creates unnecessary costs.

With IBM Turbonomic ARM, you can proactively use your compute, storage and network resources at every level of your stack as efficiently as possible in real time. Deliver a superior digital experience to your clients and users, accelerate your projects and improve your operational excellence. IBM Turbonomic helps you achieve your goals and reduce your IT costs!

What is IBM Turbonomic?

IBM Turbonomic is a cost optimisation platform for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. With intelligent application resource management (ARM), you optimise the performance, costs and compliance of all applications in your company. To do this, the platform automates key tasks and uses artificial intelligence to efficiently deploy your compute, storage and other services. With IBM Turbonomic, you can reduce your cloud spend by up to 33%, lower infrastructure costs by up to 75% and achieve an ROI of up to 471%.

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Save up to 50% costs with IBM Turbonomic and Bechtle.

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Why should I use IBM Turbonomic?

If your business runs complex applications, optimising performance, cost and compliance is key. With IBM Turbonomic, you can provide the right resources for your applications. The solution is based on real-time data and AI-powered insights. By also automating processes with AI, you save time, reduce costs and minimise risks. IBM Turbonomic also supports you in planning your cloud migration, optimising your data centre, FinOps automation and Kubernetes optimisation and thus meets your very individual requirements in an automated manner.

What makes IBM Turbonomic different from other applications?

Full-stack visualisation that goes beyond mere visibility is what sets IBM Turbonomic apart. The platform connects resources on different levels and bridges silos. This improves collaboration within your IT infrastructure. The artificial intelligence (AI)-based analytics engine delivers real-time preventive, preemptive and accurate insights. With Application Resource Management (ARM) and Network Performance Management (NPM), cross-cloud environments can be managed and monitored centrally and thus efficiently - thanks to intelligent, automated actions. At the same time, the comprehensive integrations ensure seamless operation in all environments, whether on-premises, cloud-first, hybrid or multicloud. IBM Turbonomic also supports containerisation through Kubernetes, giving your business-critical applications exactly what they need to comply with corporate SLOs. This increases efficiency, accelerates your business and minimises your costs.

Whitepaper: Cloud best practices.

A guide for IT managers who want to transform their business through the cloud: Discover best practices and tips to optimise cloud usage, control costs, improve application performance and take full advantage of agility, elasticity and cost efficiency.

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Sustainable and environmentally friendly thanks to IBM Turbonomic.

Is your company committed to sustainability? With IBM Turbonomic you achieve your sustainability goals and act environmentally conscious at the same time. By optimising the allocation of IT infrastructure resources to your applications, you directly reduce your energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions. The intelligent, AI-powered automation of the IBM Turbonomic platform helps you increase the utilisation of your IT while ensuring consistently efficient operations. The Sustainable IT Dashboard gives you an overview of your energy consumption, estimated carbon footprint and enables you to implement sustainable measures. With IBM Turbonomic, you make the best use of your infrastructure and achieve the best possible performance while minimising your financial and environmental impact.

Your advantages of IBM Turbonomic at a glance.
1. Cost reduction:

IBM Turbonomic reduces cloud spend, infrastructure costs and power and cloud payments (pay per use) by optimising applications and resources. Avoid additional hardware purchases through cluster aggregation/optimisation. This leads to a significant ROI.

2. Real-time and Kubernetes optimisation:

Continuously optimises the performance of your applications in real time through intelligent Application Resource Management (ARM). Through continuous analysis of application demand and automated measures, you achieve your service level objectives (SLOs), precise container planning and accelerate DevOps processes.

3. AI-powered insights:

Use the intelligent analytics of built-in AI to automate operations, manage peak loads and comply with your business policies.

4. Automation:

Achieve greater speed, elasticity and cost savings through trusted, AI-powered automated actions. Reduce the management burden of complex IT environments. Minimise performance risks and reduce cloud resources used.

5. integrations:

Seamlessly integrate with a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions and technologies to keep your processes running smoothly.

6. Sustainable IT:

Manage your application resources intelligently, reduce cloud and data centre consumption and minimise your carbon footprint.

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