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IBM Storage: Storage for Data with AI, Hybrid Cloud and Data Resilience.

Trust the leader in flash technology: IBM. IBM's robust, reliable and economical storage solutions are easy to install and manage. Innovative IBM storage optimises the performance of data-intensive applications with intelligent edge, core and cloud storage solutions. Get consistent data management and secure your data with the IBM Flash family. Benefit from easily accessible data for informed decision-making. Deliver and protect data for Hybrid Cloud, Big Data and AI professionally and automatically with IBM Storage. Use innovative systems such as IBM Storage Fusion HCI System, IBM Storage Scale System and IBM Storage FlashSystem. These are complemented by integrated software such as IBM Storage Insights and IBM Storage Defender as well as services for data evaluation and the protection of your company. With IBM storage solutions, you can benefit from faster data delivery, easier data mobility, better data management and optimised costs. Protect your data and increase the resilience of your storage solution against threats to realise the full potential of your business processes.

6 reasons for an IBM Flash System.

1. cost-efficient and simple: 

Elimination of software licensing costs, usage-based billing, easy installation and management even without IBM experience, end-to-end management platform for SME to enterprise solutions.

2. Multi-cloud support:

Easy migration of data and applications to and from the cloud, even with systems from other manufacturers. Improved security, performance, control and cost savings with simple private and hybrid multi-cloud solutions.

3. Outstanding data availability: 

100% data availability with HyperSwap, multi-site replication and configuration for cross-site high availability.

4. Accelerated delivery of smarter data:

IBM Flash Core architecture for high I/O loads, near zero latency response times and simplified management with intelligent software and consistent APIs for automation in the cloud and on-premises.

5. security and protection:

Automatic data encryption, reliable resilience against cyber-attacks with malware detection and application snapshots with detection capability.

6. Easy data mobility:

Migration of data and applications to the cloud and other systems. Cost and performance optimisation through intelligent Easy Tier® that automatically moves active data to flash storage.

The IBM storage solutions. For the intelligent security of your data.

IBM storage solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of data and AI, hybrid cloud and data resilience: 

IBM Storage for Data and AI helps you realise the full potential of your data and drive innovative use of your IT. Eliminate data access and preparation challenges, increase data relevance and enable rapid data analytics at scale. 

With IBM Storage for Hybrid Cloud, you deploy and seamlessly extend cloud architectures both on-premises and in the public cloud. By modernising your applications and leveraging data orchestration services for platforms such as Red Hat® OpenShift®, you can improve the agility, scalability, security and efficiency of your hybrid cloud environments. 

Protect your data from outages, data breaches and cyberattacks with IBM Storage for Data Resilience. The solution uses machine learning and automation to detect anomalies and threats, speed recovery of your data and optimise costs. Get the storage resilience you need to protect critical data and workloads.

A simplified Hybrid Cloud starts with storage.

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Free Cyber Resiliency Assessment.

Assess your risk now and protect your business!

The first step in developing an effective and customised cyber resilience strategy is to understand your own risks. And this is exactly where we would like to support you! IBM and Bechtle experts support you in assessing your current data protection status, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and defining possible fields of action.

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Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU).
For the new block storage solution, HSLU put its faith in IBM technologies. The SSD’s higher performance reduced the amount of disks required throughout the system.
Genossenschaft Migros Zürich
Thanks to Bechtle as a reliable IT partner, the Genossenschaft Migros Zuerich receives new architectures for backup and SAP systems.

From delivery to proof-of-concept to production start-up, the block storage project was a smooth process with a short runtime.

Tanguy Lemaréchal, ICT Systems Engineer, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

The right IBM storage solution for your environment.

Experience the benefits of fast data provisioning, easy data mobility, simplified data management and optimised costs with IBM's comprehensive storage solutions. Our experts at Bechtle will be happy to put together an individual solution of IBM storage technologies for you:

IBM Storage Fusion HCI System.

Accelerating Red Hat OpenShift deployments.


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IBM Storage Scale System.
Aggregation and storage of large unstructured data sets.


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IBM Storage FlashSystem.

Cyber-resilient all-flash and hybrid SAN storage.


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E-Book: Cyber-resilient data storage for everyone – September 2023 Client Edition


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IBM Storage DS8K.

Flexible system for mainframe and open system workloads.


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IBM Storage Tape.

Fast, secure and encrypted solution for long-term storage needs.


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IBM Storage Networking.

Transforming the storage fabric for optimal data delivery.


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Our offer for 100% failure safety.
Complete high availability solution FS5200 50TB.
  • 50TB usable storage (The exact capacity depends on the stored data and its compressibility and can be higher or lower accordingly, physically 56TB are installed per site, which results in 23.7 TB usable storage capacity before compression. Prices are subject to change).
  • 512 gigabyte cache for demanding applications.
  • Fully redundant active-active high availability solution.
  • Solution for two sites.
  • Business continuity at an entry-level price.
  • compact 1U housing (pizza box).
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize operating system.

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