IBM Storage.

Trust the pioneer in flash technology. IBM offers powerful, resilient and cost-effective solutions that are easy to install and manage.

Why IBM Flash System?


Cost-effective and simple.

Elimination of software licensing costs thanks to fully integrated solution. Immediate scale-out thanks to usage-based billing. Very simple installation and management for IT specialists even without IBM experience. A consistent management platform for all systems - from SMEs to enterprise solutions. 


Faster, smarter data.

Flash core architecture developed by IBM. This enables high I/O loads and almost latency-free response times. Simplified management thanks to intelligent software. Leverage consistent APIs for on-premise and cloud automation.


Multi-cloud enabled.

Easy migration of data and applications to and from the cloud. This also works with systems from other manufacturers. Improve security, performance, control and cost savings with easy-to-deploy private and hybrid multi-cloud solutions.


Protected and secure.

Encrypt data automatically. Malware detection and application aware snapshots help provide dependable cyber resiliency.


Extraordinary data availability.

Ensure 100% data availability with HyperSwap. Replication across 2 or 3 sites. Configuration for cross-site high availability.


Easy data mobility.

Easy migration of data and applications to the cloud and from the cloud to other systems. Cost and performance optimisation with intelligent Easy Tier® that automatically moves only the most active data to flash storage.

Our offer for 100% failover.

Complete high availability solution FS5200 50TB.

  • 50TB of usable memory
    *The exact capacity depends on the stored data and its compressibility and may be higher or lower accordingly. Physically, 56TB are installed per site, which results in 23.7 TB of usable storage capacity before compression. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • 512 gigabyte cache for demanding applications
  • Fully redundant active-active high availability solution
  • Solution for two locations
  • Business continuity at an entry-level price
  • compact 1U case (pizza box)
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize operating system

The FlashSystem family.

In addition to the FlashSystem 5200, IBM offers diverse solutions designed to address the full range of application workloads and storage needs with your cost requirements in mind. Each solution has the intelligence and features needed to make it easy for any organisation to deploy and manage hybrid cloud architectures.

Discover the FlashSystem family or contact our specialists for a demo, specific product advice or configuration.

Flyer IBM FlashSystem Family
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