Starting point.

Due to their long-standing collaboration, Retraites Populaires requested that Bechtle Suisse SA find the best possible solution for renewal and installation of their new IT infrastructure.


Project objectives.

At the start of the project, Retraites Populaires had two different storage systems: one from IBM for the application level and one from NetApp for the filer, VM and DMS level. The NetApp system served as a metro cluster for the headquarters in Geneva (data centre) as well as for the branch office in Lausanne.

The aim was to have a single infrastructure which would replace the existing one and reduce the maintenance costs resulting in particular from the two EOL systems. It was also necessary to increase storage capacity and ensure the scalability of the new infrastructure for the next 5 years due to the huge changes resulting from the acquisition of the new hardware.



Due to the Retraites Populaires’ business, the IT team were faced with numerous challenges. Retraites Populaires offers very different services—from pensions and life insurance to property—which multiplies the number of applications that needed to be deployed for customers and employees alike, with customers needing to be able to access information from outside the network. Operative needs are constantly changing and IT needs to be able to adapt to offer to be able to consistently offer state-of-the-art technology. In addition, current requirements are that managers have to use the latest hardware that make it possible for them to access information at anytime from anywhere.


    We looked to the Bechtle team for support and advice. They were always attentive to our needs and there were follow-up meetings in which we received excellent advice as Bechtle expertly weighed the solutions offered by the various vendors against each other. We were therefore able to save time and find the best solution for us.

    Daniel Pizzolante, System and Network Engineer, Retraites Populaires


    Retraites Populaires commissioned us to carry out the project from start to finish. The first stage was for our engineers to carry out an audit of the existing infrastructure and the operational needs connected with the customer’s core business. This was followed by a feasibility study during which a variety of vendors were compared to determine the best possible solution. We also supported the company’s IT team with the creation of a requirements specification. We supported our customer throughout the tender process and were also entrusted by them to purchase and install the new hardware.


    At the request of the customer, we organised regular technical meetings with Retraites Populaires’ IT team to help us find the most suitable solution. At the same time, the RFP process could be successfully carried out thanks to regular meetings with our Key Account Manager, Walter Sebenello, who has supported the customer for many years.


    Bechtle’s sales and technical teams were in constant contact with the selected vendors in order to receive additional technical support.


    “There were several reasons for us to choose Bechtle to renew our IT infrastructure. Retraites Populaires and Bechtle have worked together for many years. In order to save time, we needed a reliable partner who would support us in selecting our new infrastructure. To this end, Bechtle first carried out an analysis of our existing IT to determine which technology should be used. At the end of this process, the decision was made to use a converged solution. Based on our requirements specification, we could then select potential vendors”, explains Daniel Pizzolante, system and network engineer.


    Business benefits.

    “Thanks to the new infrastructure based on HPE 3PAR, Synergy and NetApp SDS technologies, we now benefit from increased performance. It’s now much more agile and reactive and the users are very satisfied. User feedback is very important and the new performance is on a whole new level compared to before! There was also praise from the IT team. Performance has increased tenfold and we are now benefitting from unparalleled interoperability”, says Daniel Pizzolante, system and network engineer.




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