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Networking solutions – Meet new challenges head on.

Today’s IT teams must be able to respond quickly and flexibly to evolving business requirements. Forms of working and business processes are changing, fuelled by advancing digitalisation and technological innovations. And this, in turn, affects business-network requirements.


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External and internal network security.

Networks are integrating more and more systems communicating with one another via data connections. The associated explosion of data quickly pushes network capacity to its limits,

shining the spotlight on IT availability and security as well as network infrastructure. Networks must also be able to respond quickly to threats posed by malware, DDoS attacks and cyber criminality. Unfortunately, implementing a perimeter firewall has been woefully inadequate for many years. Only through company-wide network access controls and role-based policies can business networks be protected against malware and unauthorised access. Modern networks are able to detect anomalies in data streams and then take effective counter-measures to protect the users and applications.


As a result, modern networks have to be able to adapt highly dynamically to changing requirements Security and Quality-of-Service policies must be adjustable throughout the entire company – and fast. Automating administrative tasks supports IT agility, lowers operating costs and boosts.

Network basics check.
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Mobility and collaboration.

Employees expect to work with modern communication and collaboration tools. They also want the flexibility to access business services and data anytime, anywhere.

Secure network connectivity for staff and guests/customers as well as the proliferation of end devices (notebooks, smartphones and tablets) require a corresponding LAN and WLAN network infrastructure that meets these requirements. Moreover, business-critical, added-value services such as IP phones and video conferencing ~ not to mention advanced communication and collaboration platforms – rely on high-availability, secure infrastructures. A Modern Workplace is only possible with these solid foundations in place.

Cloud readiness and SDN – New challenges, new architectures.

Innovative data-centre architectures have been developed to accommodate the new criteria businesses seek to fulfil through their network infrastructures, characterised by first-rate stability, performance and availability. In addition to enabling programmability, modern data-centre networks support extensive automation as well as use-oriented scalability and serve as the backbone of hybrid and private clouds. The expression “software-defined” is ubiquitous in a network setting.


New architectures such as software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) are used in location networking. SD-WAN provides significant support for enterprise cloud strategies and offers the highest levels of flexibility for the provisioning of wide area networks.
Further information on SD-WAN and Bechtle SD-WAN as a Service can be found here.


Companies today rely on advanced networks to underpin their business and help propel them to success.


Software-defined networking and network virtualisation will help you prepare your data centre for the future.


Cutting edge collaboration technologies for modern and efficient communication.