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Die IT-Infrastruktur ist heute strategischer Bestandteil jedes Unternehmens. Devices wie Notebooks, Computer, Smartphones und Tablets sind aus unserem Arbeitsalltag nicht mehr weg zu denken. Dabei sind die Anforderungen in Unternehmen unterschiedlich.

Während für ein Unternehmen neue Hardware erforderlich ist, kommt in anderen Unternehmen wiederaufbereitete Hardware zum Einsatz. Die Bechtle Remarketing GmbH, wird beiden Anforderungen gerecht und ist der Spezialist für nachhaltiges IT-Lifecycle Management in der Bechtle Gruppe. Im Ergebnis unterstützt die Bechtle Remarketing Unternehmen einen Beitrag zur CO2 Einsparung zu leisten.

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Our offer – Complete enterprise hardware lifecycle management. 

When it comes to remarketing your hardware, we can offset your legacy hardware’s residual price with the cost of the new. What’s more, the lifecycle also covers certified data erasure and the environmentally friendly disposal of parts that can no longer be used. When it comes to lifecycle support and remarketing, our experienced experts are on hand to handle the entire process.

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The lifecycle concept – Our objectives. Bechtle Remarketing.


Remarketing Lifecycle

Bechtle Remarketing’s lifecycle concept has four distinct objectives that reflect those of the German Waste Management Act (KrWG Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz):

  • Re-use as a functional device
  • Re-use as functional components
  • Recycling of raw materials (e.g. plastics and metals)
  • Professional disposal in compliance with environmental and legal regulations

The lifecycles of hardware in companies are becoming shorter and shorter. Constantly increasing demands require notebooks, servers, monitors and desktops to be replaced, even though they still function perfectly well. Even defective hardware is chock full of components that are perfectly functional, which can be removed and stored in our warehouse until they are needed.

Bechtle Remarketing ensures used IT is recycled and reused or professionally disposed of as required, not only protecting the environment, but your budget as well. Bechtle takes on everything from data erasure to remarketing or disposal. On request, we provide lockable trolleys or boxes with which the old hardware can be transported safely At our Bocholt site, we erase your data according to a process defined by you.

Technical and visual assessments are then carried out by specially trained and vetted employees, who inspect and test every device multiple times, before creating a test report and a diagnostic file in which configuration and performance parameters are recorded.

Benefits at a glance.

We swap old for new in one fell swoop, protecting the environment and your budget when making new purchases.

You’ll enjoy the highest level of data protection—from erasure to the destruction of your hard drives.

We take on the logistics and professional disposal of electronic waste including its environmentally friendly recycling.

Functioning hardware back into the cycle. Save Co2. Show contribution to Co2 savings.

We take on all services related to the IT lifecycle. From buying used IT devices to picking them up and permanently deleting data. The refurbished hardware is then made put back into circulation. All our processes are certified according to ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001 standards. We are by your side as an IT remarketing service provider with 30 years’ experience.

What is IT remarketing?

IT remarketing is the purchase, reconditioning and resale of used IT products such as notebooks, computers, mobile devices and servers. It is particularly important to make sure that data is erased from the hardware in compliance with the EU GDPR. The remarketing of devices isn’t just beneficial for the businesses that sell them on to refurbishing and remarketing service providers, but also for the environment as it reduces the amount of electronic waste (green IT).

What is special about our remarketing solution?

Bechtle Remarketing has over 5,300 m² of warehousing space at two different locations (Wesel and Bocholt) dedicated to the remarketing of used hardware. Up to 10,000 devices can be processed at our dedicated facilities per week and there is room to store over 200,000 devices.

Professional reconditioning or environmentally friendly disposal of your old devices.

Our remarketing service is split into five steps:


Individual consultation and initial evaluation of your used hardware.



Purchase of your used equipment incl. accessories.



Dismantling and transport of your hardware by Bechtle.



Permanent, irreversible data erasure in Bechtle’s secure Remarketing Centre



Reconditioning and marketing of working hardware.


Reconditioning and marketing of working hardware.

What’s more, our offering also includes a wealth of IT services. We’ll take care of your IT so that you can focus on your business.

Professional data erasure –
Say goodbye to your data for good!

When storage media is remarketed or disposed of, it must first be properly wiped. as the damage caused can be significant, both for the company itself and those at the helm.

If they carry any personal data, it is a legal requirement to have them erased and reliable procedures and tools are needed to make sure this is irrevocable. It’s also necessary to have evidence of such in the form of a log.

Bechtle Remarketing has risen to these challenges and offers customers maximum data security and BSI-certified data erasure.

Secure facility surveillance.

Data erasure only takes place in Bechtle Remarketing’s purpose built high-surveillance facilities. Depending on the individual hard drive capacities, we can manage up to 2,000 erasures per day at both sites. 

The logistics centre is secured with motion sensors, and cameras are used to monitor everywhere from the outside of the company premises to inside the corridors and halls.

IT recycling – Secure data erasure.

All data carriers are overwritten multiple times by Bechtle Remarketing. For this purpose, we use all software tools currently available on the market. The number of overwrites corresponds with the respective companies’ data protection regulations, with standard practice being 3 and 7-fold erasure. If required, HDDs and SSDs can be destroyed in a shredder and Bechtle has the compliant devices to do so.

Secure data erasure logs.

After data has been erased, you receive a log report that shows exactly which storage media was erased and when.

Bechtle Remarketing references.

Sustainable resources: Tackling the crisis with used IT.

Back in March 2020, as the COVID-19 lockdown was announced, many administrations and businesses were suddenly faced with the challenge of equipping their employees for working from home. Within a short time, the market had been stripped of IT equipment and many people learned to appreciate the value of used hardware. From a sustainability point of view, the spotlight has been increasingly turned on remarketing products, a topic we recently discussed with Alexander Thiele, Managing Director of Bechtle Remarketing GmbH in Wesel.

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Our focus is on environmentally friendly business with used IT and we have been certified to ISO 14001 standards to underscore our commitment to sustainability.

Together with Bechtle Remarketing, you can make a meaningful contribution to climate protection, helping save our planet’s resources.

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