Security Awareness

Technologies and software must be up to date so that there are no security gaps and users can benefit from all the latest advantages. Bechtle supports you and your users in this, and we incorporate all innovations into our learning concepts. Find out more now.


Your advantages:

  • Training for all employees at a reasonable cost.
  • Increased security level of the company.
  • Sensitization of your employees to recognize and react correctly to phishing mails, malware, etc.
  • Protection of IT infrastructure and data.
  • Avoidance of follow-up costs due to cyberattacks (downtime costs, idle time, etc. ).



Up-to-date IT that is secure.

Bechtle Learning Services offers you all facets of IT security - individually or as a complete package, all from a single source. We will advise you and put together the facets you require for this strategically important area.


Carrying out phishing campaigns:

... before and/or after training to better measure success.

  • Creation of an individually tailored phishing campaign together with the customer.
  • Implementation of the phishing campaign.
  • Evaluation of the phishing campaign – both graphically and in an overview, as well as in a personal consultation.






A wide range of open training courses (online or in-person) in this area:

COURSES IT-SECURITY   Copilot Data Protection




... and for the advanced ... the Masterclasses:




Individual training courses ... on various topics (attached is an example of a security package):




E-Learning content about IT-security:

Together with a learning management system, it is also possible to check whether the annual data protection training has been completed by everyone:




... or also handouts:

... according to your wishes! 


A "trip" into the Darknet?

Darknet Training




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