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IoT services – All from a single source. All from Bechtle.

IoT applications make it easier to network physical objects such as devices and machines and optimise processes. However, many businesses are only just discovering the benefits of the Internet of Things and thinking about how best to exploit them. IoT solutions are often complex to implement, putting a strain on a company’s in-house resources, which is where Bechtle comes in with comprehensive IoT services you can rely on during the entire process. Benefit from our IoT experts’ experience and knowledge transfer within our well-connected IoT community. Benefit from the internet of Things from a single source.

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Your benefits with Bechtle IoT services:

Services according to your needs.
IoT-specific services such as Device as a Service, IoT as a Service, IoT platform operations and rollout services.

A one-stop source with clear responsibilities that minimise complexity.

Relieve the pressure on in-house resources and enjoy transparent invoicing models.

  • Tailored services – From all-included packages to sub-projects.
  • Clear responsibilities – One contact person for everything. 
  • Relieve the pressure on in-house resources and enjoy transparent invoicing models.
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Customers benefit from our broad range of resources and tools plus our extensive knowledge of IoT services. No matter if you looking at the operation of physical IoT networks or cloud solutions, scaling and rollout, we are you reliable IoT partner. Our portfolio’s scope is unique on the market and saves you from having to build up on resources you don’t need.

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What are IoT services? 

Internet of Things (IoT) services enable businesses to configure, scale and roll out their IoT solutions on a global scale. Bechtle offers everything from a single source. From consulting on potential applications, the best sensors for the job, software and cloud computing to the optimum infrastructure, platforms and networks to monitoring and managing the entire solution. We tackle questions related to financing and logistics as well as those about IoT, operational technology (OT) and cloud security, and develop holistic, secure and intelligent IoT and OT solutions.

Advice on IoT and AI.
Logistics and services.
On-site services.
Project services.
Managed services.
Advice on IoT and AI.

We are happy to advise on potential use cases and share our best practices with you, so you can not only benefit from our experience, but also assess the perfect solution for you based on suitable IoT devices, networks and platforms. Our IoT and AI consulting also covers networks and infrastructure, the best solution design, IoT security solutions, logistics, financing, business intelligence, data science and the perfect ERP integration.

Logistics and services.

When it comes to IoT, the procurement, delivery and parameter configuration of hardware should not be underestimated. Whether sensors or gateways, we handle all hardware logistics and services as well as provide IoT device supply chain and monitoring.

Our Bechtle Device as a Service model is unique on the market and allows you to pay-as-you-use. Customers don’t have to buy sensors any more and Bechtle takes on financing and device management for a monthly fee.  This way, you can avoid large pre-investments and focus on using your devices.

On-site services.

Configuring device parameters is as essential as on-site installation and we take on both for you. We also handle the roll out of your IoT including documentation plus the monitoring and management of your devices during the entire lifecycle. That means we take on responsibility for the availability of your IoT infrastructure and devices. You benefit from our extensive expertise and on-site/digital 24 × 7 availability.

Project services.

Our project-related services cover infrastructure, network and security plus, if needed, we can also provide suitable cloud infrastructure and develop extensive, individual services plus effective security concepts. At the end, you get a tailored solution to suit your specific needs.

Managed services.

From full-managed service to selective support—you’ll find the everything you need for your IoT project right here. We take on monitoring and updates, operating IoT applications and managed IoT services always in line with your requirements and with transparent cost models. When it comes to the cloud, we operate our customers’ entire IoT infrastructures and make sure you can scale your IoT apps without having to set up this service in-house.

Bechtle’s IoT all-in solution – All from a single source.

Take advantage of our expertise for your individual IoT solution. From consulting and design to IoT networks, out-of-the-box platforms, cloud, applications, ERP connections, IoT services and security—we are your go-to partner. You receive everything from a single source and have one single contact supporting you every step of the way as you require.

More from our IoT portfolio:

IoT networks – LoRaWAN, Mioty, UWB and 5G.

Our experts can advise you on the best IoT solutions for your needs and can even configure a customised, future-proof network to take you to the cutting edge.

IoT platforms for a range of applications.

We have the perfect platform, for your use case, offer extensive advice and help you when it comes to integration and operations.

Bechtle IoT Solutions.

Our extensive specialised knowledge, many years of IT and IoT experience plus a strong partner network make us your perfect partner when it comes to planning and implementation.

IoT security – Secure your corporate network.

We consider all internet, cloud, edge and OT security aspects from day one to make your IoT project perfectly secure and scalable.