Device Enrollment Program.

What is DEP and what are its benefits?

The DEP (Device Enrollment Program) is a quick and easy way to make company Macs and iOS devices ready for use.


The DEP makes the initial setup easier by simplifying registration in the MDM (Mobile Device Management) and support during setup.– This lets you, as the customer, configure your devices without ever having to touch them.


With DEP, deploying devices that are already in possession of their institution is no longer a manual configuration process and users receive their devices already fully configured. The first time the device is turned on the account settings, apps and access to company services are all already pre-configured and ready to go. The IT department no longer has to touch them or do anything to them to configure them.


As a DEP-authorised partner, Bechtle can help you with the setup and deployment of DEP. Please contact your Bechtle representative for details.

How does DEP work?

1. Registration.

Zunächst muss bei Apple unter Angabe grundlegender Informationen inklusive einer D-U-N-S®-Nummer ein Account erstellt werden. Die Erstellung einer speziellen Apple-ID ist ebenfalls notwendig, um das Programm zu nutzen.

2. Setup.

Then an administrator account must be created, in order to be able to manage the device registration in the company.

3. Configuration.

The account can then be connected to multiple MDM servers and the devices can be assigned. Also, future orders can be assigned automatically to any standard MDM server.

4. Purchasing.

Newly purchased devices are connected to a DEP account.

5. Assigning.

Users are assigned to profiles using the MDM solution. If the user runs the system wizard, the device will be automatically registered in the MDM and configured with the right settings.

Order process at Bechtle.

Add us as your reseller in your DEP account. Our reseller DEP ID is 365D5C0. Order your goods by entering your DEP-ID and we will include the serial numbers of the devices in your DEP account. This will ensure that the goods/serial numbers are already in your DEP account before the goods arrive.

Volume purchasing program for business.

The Volume Licensing Program (VPP) allows your organisation to easily pick apps and to buy and distribute them in large numbers. With the help of flexible and secure distribution options, you can deploy first-class, ready-for-use premium Apple products—whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or Mac—for your employees.–– You can also get custom-made B2B apps for iOS made by other developers just for you, which you can download privately from the VPP store. 

Buy apps in high quantities.

Get first-class apps in high quantities and give all your employees the latest and best tools. You can buy apps for Mac and iOS in the VPP store. You also have the option of acquiring custom-made B2B apps in the VPP store that are made just for you from external developers while complying with data protection policies so that your company gets exactly the solutions it needs.

Buy with credit.

Purchase credit for your Volume Purchase Program that can be used in the VPP store to buy apps or books. VPP credit can be purchased in any amount, which is then made available electronically to account administrators.

Optimising distribution.

Use MDM solutions (Mobile Device Management) to assign apps to users or groups; the apps remain your property and you have full control over their data and content.– When apps are no longer needed, they can be assigned to other users. You can also assign apps using a credit code. By assigning them in this way, they are permanently and directly assigned to the user.


Easy steps for purchasing licences in volume.

Only a few simple steps are required for your business to be able to purchase and deploy volume licensing for apps.

1. Register.


To register in the Volume Purchasing Program, you first have to create an account with Apple for the implementation program. This requires some basic information about your business.


Register now

2. Setup.

Create further program administrator accounts for people in your company who are responsible for purchasing and deploying apps.


3. Buy.

Option 1:

Log in to the VPP store to buy volume licensing for apps. Then complete the transaction with a company credit card or VPP credit.


Option 2:

Purchase VPP credit from us directly. Tell us how much credit you want to buy and give us your Apple ID. You will then receive an order number from Apple in an e-mail ( in to your VPP account and load the credit on your account using your order number. 


4. Deploy.

Deploy content company wide by assigning apps directly to users or groups using an MDM solution. Or you can give the users credit codes for the selected apps.

MDM made easy – the perfect solution for managing your Apple products – powered by Bechtle.

The easy way to get started with MDM, our solution can be integrated into your IT infrastructure on site or hosted in Bechtle’s own data centre in Friedrichshafen. The Bechtle data centre is equipped with state-of-the-art security and failover mechanisms to safeguard your operation, including e.g. redundant server and storage setups, isolated fire compartments and suitable communications lines. This means: You have your head and hands free to take care of your business, while we take care of the secure and reliable operation of your MDM solution, maximising your own IT resources. We’re happy to help you design a solution that fits your needs and support you to ensure smooth operation.


Further information on our mobility services can be found here.

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