Gesund Arbeiten mit Articona

Healthy working with ARTICONA.

Tense back, hand cramps and numb fingers? We’ve all been there.

With movement, short exercises every now and again, and the right equipment, you can keep these stresses to a minimum. Workplace equipment plays a significant role in your employees’ health and well-being.

After all, good office tools benefit your employees and should be a top priority for every business because illnesses and long absences often go hand in hand with high costs. Muscular and skeletal problems commonplace among office workers account for around a quarter (27.2%) of all absences—a figure that underscores the need for corporate health protection.

It all starts with the right tools to support ergonomic working, which keep stresses and strains and ultimately absences to a minimum. With its range of ergonomic products, ARTICONA has got you covered. Its range of mice, wrist rests, monitor stands and mounts are the perfect choice for your workplace, so you can be sure of your employees’ well-being.

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Quick exercises for your wrists.


Aim: To relieve tension in your wrists, fingers and arms.

Length of exercise: Approx. three minutes per hand (sitting or standing)

Repetitions: One

Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz Hand
  • Squeeze each fingertip to the side of the nail bed five times.
  • Massage the palm and each finger from the base to the tip.
  • Take a pen between your thumb and index finger and pass it towards your little finger and then back again.
  • Bend and stretch your fingers.
  • Interlock your fingers, turn your palms out and stretch your arms out in front.