EIZO – Quality ‘Made in Japan’.

EIZO has been developing and producing high-end monitor and display solutions for over 50 years, including for some highly specialised use cases such as office, photo and image editing, design and video production, healthcare, video surveillance and industrial applications. It’s products are characterised by high picture quality, reliability and ergonomics.


EIZO FlexScan – The professional solution for every desk.

At the heart of the EIZO portfolio is the FlexScan (EV) product range, which includes the perfect monitor for every workplace. From space-saving 23-inch monitors delivering outstanding energy efficiency to 37.5-inch ultra-wide models offering extensive screen real estate and a full range of connection options.


Why choose FlexScan?

  • Image quality – Perfected development and manufacturing processes using the best components and technologies result in excellent and consistent image reproduction.
  • Ergonomics – A flexibly adjustable stand, anti-glare screen and automatic brightness adjustment protect your back and eyes. For more comfort at the workplace.
  • Connectivity – From docking features and multi-screen solutions to USB hubs and KVM switches, set up your workstation in a snap without getting in a tangle.
  • Cost-effectiveness – The quality of the workmanship that goes into EIZO monitors means you benefit from a longer lifecycle giving you investment security and ensuring lower procurement and operating costs in the long-term.
  • Sustainability – EIZO monitors are packed with clever energy-saving features and are produced following environmentally-friendly practices. Their long life also protects resources.


EIZO ColorEdge – The best tool for the best results.

With unique precision, a large colour gamut and perfectly even brightness, ColorEdge monitors faithfully reproduce every detail. Whether you are working on photos, graphics or films, ColorEdge monitors help you focus on unleashing your creativity.


Why choose EIZO ColorEdge?

  • Large colour range
  • EIZO factory calibration
  • Hardware calibration
  • 16-bit LUT and 10-bit mode
  • Homogeneity correction
  • EIZO micro chip for optimum colour rendering


Five-year warranty – Complete peace of mind.

On the back of continuous research, development and strict quality controls, EIZO can offer a 5-year warranty including on-site exchange on all FlexScan and ColorEdge models. Even though the purchase price may be higher, investment and operating costs are lower with an EIZO monitor as their lifecycles are much longer and there are no repair and associated follow-up costs in the first five years.