HP Ink.

Original HP ink cartridges are built for reliable results and consistent, high-quality prints. 1

Original HP Ink cartridges go through hundreds of hours of testing and years of engineering and development to provide customers with printing experiences that amaze.


Take pride in your premium quality print outs – With Original HP ink. Original HP ink delivers perfect results every time. Print lightfast documents and vivid photos that last for generations. 


Original HP Ink is designed to work the first time, every time1 and deliver high-quality print outs you want to share.


Take pride in contributing to a circular economy by using Original HP Ink Cartridges and then recycling them through HP’s free recycling programme2

Indoor air quality.

Indoor air is a priority for your workplace HP freely develops and tests its printing systems so that emissions meet stringent eco-label emissions criteria.3


Secure cartridges you can trust. At every step of the design, supply chain, and production process for Original HP office cartridges, security is built-in with tamper-resistant chips, firmware, and packaging4

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HP’s good reasons to buy Original



HP’s closed recycling process





Standard cartridges.

Perfect for everyday printing.
Original HP Ink is engineered to work with HP printers to provide consistent quality, reliability and value.




Save more as you print.
Shop less often and save compared to individual standard cartridges.




High-yield cartridges.

More pages.
Print more pages and change cartridges less often. Save more with XL cartridges compared to standard cartridges.

1. Buyers Laboratory Inc. July 2017 study of printer inks sold in EMEA commissioned by HP for on-average performance of 21 brands of non-HP refill, remanufactured, and imitation cartridges vs. Original HP Ink SKUs 121XL, 122XL, 178XL, 300, 300XL, 301XL, 364, 364XL, 650. Details: http://keypointintelligence.com/media/1609/hp-emea-refill-study_rep.pdf.
2. Programme availability varies. See hp.com/go/recycle. Cartridges can only be returned to shops for recycling in 7 EMEA countries.

3. An HP printing system consists of an HP printer, paper and Original HP supplies. Blue Angel DE-UZ 205 emissions criteria or earlier versions applicable when printing system launched.

4. HP office-class printing systems are select Enterprise and Managed devices with FutureSmart firmware 4.5 and up, Pro devices, LaserJet 200 models and up, with respective Original HP Toner, PageWide, and ink cartridges. Does not include HP integrated printhead cartridges. Digital supply-chain tracking, hardware, and packaging security features vary locally by SKU. See hp.com/go/SuppliesThatProtect and hp.com/go/SuppliesSecurityClaims.