HPE POINTNEXT Service helps you on your way to a digital future.

Get an all-in-one package with the IT services your company needs to accelerate your digital transformation. Leverage the wide range of HPE Support Services to completely secure your IT.

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The following service versions are available:


Foundation Care.

Proactive Care.

Data Centre Care.

Foundation Care.

Per Device.

Simpler, more affordable expert support helps companies to avoid IT issues.

Foundation Care application area:

  • Non-critical environments
  • Only reactive support (hardware/software)
  • Firmware management unnecessary
  • You would like all components covered
  • Software collaboration with ISV including Microsoft, RedHat, SUSE, VMware and many more.




Proactive Care.

Per Device/System.

Personalised, proactive support for operations to resolve issues faster, avoid problems and access best practice advice.

HPE Proactive Care application area:

  • Production environments
  • Firmware management support
  • Avoid downtimes
  • 24×7 system monitoring through Insight Remote Support






Data Centre Care.

For your IT environment.

Simplified IT operations thanks to knowledge of your IT environment; a single contact partner even for products from a range of suppliers. A dedicated account support team takes the burden off your IT employees and provides expertise and proactive information.

Data Centre Care application area:

  • Complex IT environments (also multi-vendor hardware and software)
  • Individual support concepts and availability agreements
  • Comprehensive additional options such as SAP or IT service management extensions
  • Solution support (3Par, Azure, SAP HANA TDI, NFV, etc.)



The following service levels and durations are available:


Available service levels for all HPE Support Services mentioned.

  • 9×5 Next Business Day
  • 24×7, 4-hour response time
  • 24×7, 6 hours call to repair

VAvailable durations for
all HPE Support Services mentioned.

  • 3 years
  • 4 years
  • 5 years

Make big savings and select a longer duration. The HPE Packaged Support Services with a duration of five years is more affordable than the 3-year Packaged Support Service with two one-year extensions!

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HPE Data Privacy services – Supporting data protection regulations in your company.

Are your company data protected if a system hard drive fails? What happens with a broken hard drive? Is the enterprise-critical information saved on it really lost?



HPE Total Education Training Credits.

People link technologies and processes but only trained employees can get the most out of investments. With HPE Total Education Training Credits, you receive a contingent of training courses that help your business become more productive.




Support for your Aruba hardware.

Found out more about your Aruba network products’ basic warranty and how you can extend it.




Individual HPE support contracts.

Have requirements that cannot be fulfilled by the HPE Packaged Support Services? Looking to consolidate your hardware service? Look no further than the HPE customer service agreements.




HPE GreenLake.

A growing number of businesses are banking on agile cloud solutions, not only to save costs due to use-based invoicing, but also to be able to grow more quickly and slimline IT infrastructures. HPE has developed GreenLake to deliver the benefits of cloud solutions without having to worry about security or data protection.




Installation & startup services.

HPE Installation Service provides for the basic installation of Hewlett Packard Enterprise branded equipment and software products. It is part of a suite of HPE deployment services that are designed to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your HPE and HPE-supported products have been installed by a Hewlett Packard Enterprise specialist in accordance with the manufacturer’s product documentation.




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