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Why should organisations archive?

For most businesses, archiving is a crucial aspect of minimising risk. Audit-proof archiving means storing data that should not be modified or deleted and leveraging special mechanisms and redundant storage to ensure it remains protected against unauthorised access and available for the long haul.

There are many benefits to archiving:
  • Compliance – Fulfilling statutory and compliance regulations in order to act in accordance with the law and avoid penalties.
  • Traceability – Documents and information can be easily traced and accessed quickly and used as evidence during a lawsuit thanks to long-term audit-proof archiving.
  • Data security – Redundant storage and protective mechanisms keep data safe from loss, manipulation and unauthorised access.
  • Efficiency – Outsourcing archive data to affordable standard hardware relives primary storage and lowers costs.

Who can benefit from archiving?

Businesses of every size and in every industry need to keep their files safe to document processes, fulfil compliance requirements and avoid lawsuits.
Regulatory requirements such as the EU GDPR, GoBD (principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form), IT Security Act, HGB (German Commercial Code) and AO (Fiscal Code) stipulate the basic principles of archiving with these laws and regulations ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and availability of corporate data. Business-critical data subject to statutory retention periods MUST be archived including financial, accounting and contract data, personnel files, medical data and technical documents. 
Archiving is also important for organisations having to manage and store large volumes of data. Effective archiving contributes to freeing up space on expensive primary storage which ultimately leads to lower costs.

Archiving vs backup – Do we really need both?

Backup and archiving are both important when looking to put together an effective and holistic data backup concept as they fulfil different requirements:

  • Backup – Secure data in the short term and recover lost/modified data to ensure business continuity
  • Archiving – Long-term data storage to protect data integrity, fulfil legal and in-house requirements and conserve primary storage capacities

All active business data has to be protected against loss and manipulation and all business-relevant information stored for as long as required both from a legal and in-house perspective. These data must be protected in the short and long term and be available and accessible.

HPE and iTernity solutions.

HPE and iTernity have developed software-based solutions for the long-term audit-proof archiving of business-critical data.

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iCAS Middleware.
Maximum archiving flexibility.

iCAS is flexible middleware for retention management and data archiving. The solution integrates perfectly into existing IT infrastructures and supports DAS, NAS, SAN, object and cloud storage targets. While you take care of your core business, iCAS reliably protects the integrity and availability of your data in the background.


The archive intelligence is tied to the software-layer, not to the hardware.


iCAS fulfils regulatory and compliance requirements.


Middleware between your business application and the existing storage infrastructure.


WORM storage, encryption, self-healing and retention management.

Scale-out storage for archive, backup and much more.

iCAS FS is a scale-out platform for archive and backup data. Start small and scale without limits in a software-based storage platform based on x86 servers (e.g. HPE Apollo). iCAS FS is an audit-proof archive, ransomware-proof backup storage that relieves your primary storage. If you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-manage way to store large highly-available data volumes, iCAS FS is the perfect choice.

53% lower overall costs
compared to public cloud storage.

Start small and scale without limits
in a scale-out platform.

Managed services – Monitoring, administration, updates and troubleshooting with iTernity.

Maximum flexibility thanks to NFS, SMB and S3 interfaces and 140+ validated corporate applications.

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