Lenovo ThinkPad
military-spec tests.

Product tests under extreme conditions.

Lenovo™ has been using the US Department of Defense’s MIL-STD 810G standard since 2007 to ensure perfect reliability and durability of notebooks, workstations and desktop PCs.

The Department of Defense set a standard with the Mil Specs to determine how robust or hard-wearing devices are. A variety of tests are carried out depending on the size, weight and type of device.

Arctic wilderness, sandstorms, water spray and shocks—select Think® products currently undergo testing of up to 12 methods and 20 processes.

Mechanical shock

High acceleration, shock impulses repeated over 18 times


Tests during operation and non-operation. Ship vibrations
4-33 Hz for 2 hours


91-98% humidity at 30-60 °C.

Temperature shock

-25-60 °C in three cycles with a duration of 2 hours each.

High temperature

storage: 63 °C for 24 hours, operation: 43 °C for 8 hours.

Low temperature

storage: -25 °C for 24 hours, operation: -21 °C for 8 hours.

Sand and dust

Fine silica dust in cycles of 6 hours each and silica sand in cycles of 90 minutes each.

Fungal infestation

28 days with common fungal sources.

High altitude

Tests for operation at a height of 4.5 km.

Solar irradiation

Seven 24-hours cycles with simulated UV radiation.

Explosive atmospheres

Environment with fuel vapours.

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