Early fire protection and extinguishing in server cabinets.

Early fire protection and extinguishing technology for network and server cabinets – ultra compact with maximum protection!


If server cabinet fires are not quickly detected, they lead to sooting and corrosion of large areas of hardware. Aggressive smoke gases can damage technology leading to the irretrievable loss of data. Self-contained, air-conditioned server / switching cabinet systems cannot be adequately secured with conventional fire protection as any fire protection systems outside of the cabinets react too late.


ITANUS RACK·SENS® from WAGNER delivers an extremely cost-efficient fire protection solution for 482.6 mm (19") cabinets. Thanks to the modular technology, integration into existing and new systems can be carried out and adapted at any time, as well as into concentrated data centres for local detection and the introduction of targeted partial protective measures. The highest fire protection requirements can only be met even under the most difficult conditions such as high air speed and the associated strong smoke dilution with an aspirating smoke detector. 


Designed for:

  • Network and server cabinets
  • Telecommunications cabinets
  • Control cabinets
  • Low voltage cabinets


Customer benefits:
  • Early fire protection (1 U) and firefighting (2 U or 1 U with external extinguishing) integrated directly in EDV, server and switching cabinets
  • Affordable surveillance of up to five cabinets with one system
  • Up to 400 times more sensitive than conventional smoke detectors
  • Reliable detection despite high air speeds
  • High false alarm security with LOGIC·SENS fire pattern detection
  • Response behaviour can be individually adapted
  • Maintenance with interactive diagnostics without disrupting operations
  • Centralised monitoring, remote diagnostics and maintenance for networks
  • Optional second detector module for dual-detector dependency

Variety of applications, tailored according to requirements.


Fire detection with minimum space (external extinguishing unit optional).


Maximum protection with integrated extinguishing.


Versatile expansion options: space-saving detection unit with external extinguishing.

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