Why StarTech.com?
  • Free support from technical experts before and after purchase. (Monday to Friday)
  • Product reliability and performance guaranteed with warranties, certifications and thorough testing.
  • Immediate availability: Get the products you need, whenever and wherever you need them.
StarTech.com docks – Benefits:
  • Maximum compatibility: StarTech.com has docking stations for all operating systems, notebook brands and types of connection.
  • Do more in less time. More ports and displays maximise end users’ connectivity and productivity.
  • Fast installation. Eliminate provisioning issues that waste time and frustrate end users.
  • IT-level quality. IT experts around the world trust in our thorough internal testing, comprehensive conformity and life-long multi-lingual technical support.
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Three reasons to buy a universal dock:
  1. 1. Productivity –

  2. The market is moving more towards slim notebooks with fewer ports.

  3. Add additional ports, features or expanded functionality to modern, slim notebooks with a universal dock..

  1. 2. Comfort –

  2. Ensure comfort for shared and agile workplaces.

    The wide range of universal docking stations makes it easy to turn any notebook into an ideal workstation solution.

  1. 3. Compatibility –

  2. Enables a range of technologies and a selection of BVOD environments

    Almost any kind of notebook can be connected to a universal docking station.