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The role of service managers at Bechtle is all-encompassing—from offer planning to consolidation. It’s not just making contractually agreed-upon services available for customers. It reaches far beyond that into a broad spectrum of topics. As single point of contact, our service managers combine expertise, technological and organisational tasks, and don’t just ensure service quality, but are continually improving it. As service managers, we’re responsible for project planning for new offers and are the communication point between customers, sales, technology, and offer creation. We report back, evaluate, and escalate cases—always with the customer’s best interest at heart, as their advocate and as a moderator.

Because our service managers’ know their ABCs in every situation, acting as advocates, bridge-builders and change managers. Someone with an ear always open for issues, who builds bridges between customers and Bechtle, and brings with them new impulses and food for thought. This is how we increase customer satisfaction and ensure we are there for our customers.



Bechtle is wherever you are. Whenever a problem arises, we’re never far away from our customers. Our service managers play a communicative role between the various stakeholders. And time has shown us that an on-site meeting—moderated by a service manager—is the best way to solve problems.

Julia Gottschalk, Service Manager, Hamburg Bechtle System House

No avenue unexplored.

You can only develop something together with happy customers. That’s why customer satisfaction has many aspects for us—there are good days and bad days. And you can only have close collaboration when you also have mutual trust and openness. As a customer, you need to be able to trust that we are always acting in your best interests, that our deed is as good as our word, and that we are always here to talk—even about difficult situations. These should be the relationship guidelines for both our customers and ourselves. This is what drives our service managers every day. We use them to measure customer satisfaction as only in this way can you really benefit from the advantages of managed services.

Service managers benefits at a glance.

Customer proximity you can feel—based on trust.

Reduced complexity—because we take care of the interfaces.

Communication on equal terms—to foster trust and happy customers.

Concentrate on what’s important—so you can rest easy.

Reduce costs—know where you can afford to save.

A businessman showing another business man something on his tablet.

These are the benefits of our service managers.

At Bechtle, our service managers keep their skills up to date with regular training. This naturally covers technical training in all relevant ITIL skills, project management, and other tools,

but also encompasses standard soft and management skills. Because skills like empathy and strong communication, the ability to counsel and advise, and emotional intelligence and reliability all require not only a high level of dedication, but also opportunities to further develop these at Bechtle. Our specific service manager training on the topics of leadership behaviour and contract negotiation, communication, feedback and critical analysis, all give our customers the assurance that they are working with people who see themselves as customer managers.

Make our community yours.

The Bechtle Service Manager Community is one aspect that helps us and thus our customers. Through cross-sector networking, we embody our philosophy of One Bechtle on a daily basis—discussing concrete issues and gaining additional perspectives and new impulses on other projects and regular meetings. The community supports us in creating success stories for our customers more easily and quickly and to better implement standardisation.


Our service managers are customer advocates. I always try to represent the interests of the customers internally—even when there is internal resistance. Sometimes it is small things that are not seen as problematic in-house, but that are very damaging for the customer. In this situation, the service manager has to get their priorities right.

Matthias Müller, Service Manager, Bechtle Hosting & Operations

A day in the life of a service manager.

Going behind the scenes with a service managers for a day always helps our customers to shape their own days more effectively, even if it seems to be a less good day from the point of view of the service manager. When they feel like a general dogsbody, when there are surprise challenges in service delivery, or when priority 1 issues need to be resolved with tact and the right amount of escalation. These are all parts of daily life for a service managers, as well as regular service review meetings, reports on service quality and cloud use, clarification of discrepancies in accounting and service provision as well as constant communication with customers on status updates. It’s always a question of prioritising and deciding in favour of the best service quality and customer satisfaction.

“Service managers have to be jugglers sometimes—between correct provisioning, high self-motivation, and decisiveness. And they need to always enjoy mediating and bringing people together. With the instinct for what’s important and urgent—always flexible and passionate. You have to be a mediating sort of person,” say Julia Gottschalk and Matthias Müller about their understanding of being a service manager at Bechtle.



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