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Substance is everything.

Flexibility and fast, reliable processes are the foundations of corporate success, which is why a growing number of businesses are choosing enterprise service management (ESM) solutions to bolster their strategic competitive position. ESM has proven itself to be an effective tool for the organisation and control of processes that are related to sharing data and information—not just in one department, but company-wide.

The benefits of your ServiceNow project at a glance – In good hands with Bechtle.


Made in Germany.

ESM isn’t just any solution in our Bechtle portfolio. We have put together a highly specialised ServiceNow team of more than 30 experts to support our customers in all their strategic and operative tasks, meaning that we leverage services with dedicated resources in Germany. Our employees are certified according to manufacturer policies and support a large number of well-known customers. Long-term, cooperative, future-oriented


Extensive experience.

We believe that substance isn’t something that’s a given, but something you have to work hard towards. Many of our colleagues have been working for years with ServiceNow for customers in all industries and the public sector. They understand the solution’s strengths and know to tweak them to optimises complex workflows. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes double-digit growth in productivity the norm, helping to considerably accelerate fulfilment times and the number of automatic services can be scaled much more quickly thanks to the support of innovative technologies.


Solid understanding of processes and operative expertise.

Our experts complement the customer’s organisation not only in terms of highly-specialised solution expertise. They are at the heart of process optimisation and facilitate transformation, which makes the difference between a well-meant and an actually well-done ServiceNow project. Get in touch if you’d like to speak to one of our customers.

Fair and transparent calculation.

Designing our services with the long-term support of our clients in mind is our bread and butter. That also means we calculate our services fairly and transparently. We don’t take a one-size fits all approach, but pot together a portfolio that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the organisation. Less overload means lower costs and faster service provisioning. In other words, a greater impact.

In us, our customers see the team that will lead them to success, especially in terms of ServiceNow. That doesn’t just include extensive knowledge in various use cases, but also our experts’ soft skills. The triad of reliability, connectivity and authenticity is what makes us stand out for our customers when it comes to transforming their service infrastructure.

Jörg Rackow – Lead Solution Manager ITSM Tools


Perfect offers for your ServiceNow project.

SmartNow by Bechtle.

For customers looking for a standardised ITSM solution, our out-of-the-box SmartNow solution based on ServiceNow is the ideal choice. SmartNow is the result of our many years of experience in ITSM bundled into a streamlined and easy-to-implement solution. SmartNow is hosted by ServiceNow and operated by Bechtle. Expansions and integrations can be implemented based on transparently calculated additional services. If you’re thinking about automating other processes in other departments, we recommend taking a look at Saphir and Saphir+. By the way, even though SmartNow is a standard solution, the analysis of your individual needs marks the start of our partnership.


Saphir and Saphir+ by Bechtle.

Data and information know no departmental boundaries. In most cases, management boards have the optimisation of workloads high up on their agendas, and against this backdrop of strategic foresight, we have developed Saphir and Saphir+. Both solutions are optimised for fast roll out with pre-configured ServiceNow components for numerous applications. The long-term strength is clear to see in the full transparency of assets and software licences, the breaking down of data silos, the enterprise-wide implementation of compliance requirements, etc. Wherever data are collected and organised into workflows, there is always potential for optimisation. In practice, this often begins with ITSM, which is then followed up by a roll out to other departments. While Saphir is hosted directly by ServiceNow (with Bechtle handling operations), Bechtle also takes on the hosting of Saphir+. For Saphir and Saphir+, the service components are configured in individual SLAs, enabling the long-term planning of resources and operative costs.

ServiceNow and ESM – What exactly are they?

ESM opens the door to far-reaching service process digitalisation and automation and therefore supports the boosting of competitive advantages. According to Forbes, the ServiceNow® ESM solution is the number one in terms of innovation and a rock star in the world of service management. With a comprehensive portfolio covering the setup and operation of ServiceNow, Bechtle offers uniquely powerful solutions for almost all deployment scenarios. Structure and optimise your IT service, business management, security and operations workflows—Bechtle’s specialists have a wealth of experience in customising the solution to your company’s needs like a tailored suit. We are by your side to optimise your processes and help you achieve long-term success.


Custom solutions.

Our customer services support customers already using one or more ServiceNow workflows and on the look out for a partner to unlock additional application areas. This also applies if the existing instance is to be put through its paces according to what is technically possible. The result of such a collaboration could also be a recommendation for one of the standard products presented above that stand out with their streamlined, upgrade and release-optimised architecture.

Our step-by-step plan for fast implementation.

Professionalism, focus, dependability,

We may be enthusiastic about technology, but we never forget why our customers have put their faith in us—they want their service structures to be quickly and sustainably optimised and that’s precisely why we have developed a unique and rigorous approach.

Once the objectives have been determined, we get down to work with a fundamental inventory of existing assets.

Any of the customer’s employees involved in the project are actively included from the very next step. Working together with them, the pilot’s components and scope of the solution are outlined.

In the next step, we work together with the customer to identify optimisation potential and get started with implementation based on agile project methods such as SCRUM and PRINCE2. In this way, we are able to create an extraordinary, inclusive and robust structure for continuous optimisation after the first part of the project has gone live.

After all, even if we do everything we can to implement your ServiceNow quickly, this is usually only the start of a continuous process of change through which we accompany our customers.


ServiceNow – What next?

The SME Competence Centre.

Bechtle is the embodiment of IT competence and therefore has a unique range of solutions and services. The ServiceNow® team also benefits from the wide-ranging expertise in the more than 80 Bechtle locations across the DACH region, Which is oh huge benefit to our customers particularly when it comes to the potential for optimisation uncovered in ESM projects. When potential is discovered, it can usually be implemented very quickly, for example, the optimisation of the onboarding workflow in HR can be combined with Bechtle’s IT procurement services and our managed services for the set up of accounts, etc. This kind of single vendor setup brings these and other advantages, but it is always up to the customer to decide who they want to work with to tackle these optimisations.


A culture of “achieving more together”.

Those who know Bechtle, know that we aren’t just interested in technology, but also in our customers’ success. Our culture is very much one of “achieving more together”, which is why are open and honest with our customer and say that a healthy win-win relationship is the foundation for long-term success. Growth is good for our customers – And for us. We are delighted with every new challenge our customers confront us with. We love figuring out the status quo and challenging the boundaries. That’s what makes a reliable IT partner. That’s what makes Bechtle.

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