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Bechtle accelerates the modernization of your business. 

SUSE Rancher and SUSE Linux Enterprise put you on the digital fast track.

"I should be much further along by now" is a thought that burdens most entrepreneurs on the road to digital transformation. Whether in the data center, in the cloud or at the edge, innovation is required everywhere. Services must be provided faster, but security should not fall behind. Bechtle is aware of this. It is also aware that solutions from other providers are often too rigid to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. Bechtle is therefore proud to have SUSE, the pioneer in open source software, at its side. For 15 years, Bechtle and SUSE have achieved a great deal. SUSE Rancher, for example, is a leader because it includes freely selectable Kubernetetes distributions. The customizable Linux operating system is unique in the industry.

In cooperation with SUSE, Bechtle has identified these key topics for you:

  • straightforward management of the hybrid cloud IT infrastructure
  • minimized risk of critical service outages
  • a clear, flexible and secure cloud-native deployment and
  • a forward-looking, best-of-breed edge strategy


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Solutions from the SUSE portfolio.

Business-critical Linux.


  • Acceleration of the digital transformation
  • Rapid instantiation of resources
  • Enterprise applications can be scaled
  • Costs are reduced and operational efficiency is improved

SAP-Lösungen ausführen.


  • Promote business growth and improve operations
  • Efficient and fast SAP service
  • Support for mission-critical SAP infrastructures through automation and monitoring

Enterprise Container Management.


  • Innovations are introduced to the markets faster
  • Utilizing the most innovative cloud-native platforms in the industry
  • Enterprise application management capabilities - from core to cloud to edge



  • The next generation of intelligent edge products
  • der Fokus von SUSE liegt bei Kosistenz, Leistung, Zuverlässigkeit und Sicherheit
  • bestmöglicher Support bei Edge Computing-Umgebungen 

SUSE for Public Cloud.


  • Execution on Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure
  • Simplified cloud deployment strategy
  • Zero-trust security in your cloud-native environment
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Innovation only makes sense if it integrates all areas of digitization and meets companies on the path to modernization. With solutions for hybrid cloud IT, cloud-native transformation and IT operations at the edge, we've thought of everything. See our accelerated container management for yourself. 


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For the success of your company, you should use exactly the technologies that are coherent for your requirements. Linux and Kubernetes are the most important components of digital transformation. Dive into our wealth of knowledge. From reliable public cloud solutions to secure SAP infrastructures.


We have achieved a lot and are happy to pass on our experience to you. 

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Your added value together with Bechtle.


Implement your digital transformation successfully and according to your individual needs. Bechtle offers fast, adaptable and reliable Linux® operating systems.


Develop an IT strategy with Bechtle that is based on your business requirements and your need for innovation, not on contractual obligations.


With more than 15 years of combined experience in the industry, Bechtle and SUSE have built trusting relationships with customers and partners.

Cost comparison cloud subscription by provider and
own subscription in the cloud (BYOS) with SUSE.

Are we comparing apples and oranges here? Are these costs being compared at all?

Cloud / Managed Service Providers (CSP/MSP) offer a simple way to subscribe to machines including OS. Calculators are provided for PAYG use and direct advance booking/reservation. The move to the cloud with the provider is thus calculable. But also comparable with other options?

Quickly click on machine performance and software, one or the other service and at the end there is an acceptable price for the respective machine. But when the monthly invoices arrive, the total sum can quickly become a surprise.

Several factors play a role here. What has to be paid for? vCPUs or VMs. What is included in the CSP/MSP package? What additional functionality do I need? And how is the support regulated (Level 1,2,3).

How flexible am I in choosing my CSP/MSP to move workloads. Where can I reduce costs and how much?

Savings potentials of 10s of thousands of € per year are nothing unusual.

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