Sebastian Gehring

The moment he first stepped through the door of the Neckarsulm headquarters is one that will stay with him forever. “I was impressed by the size, the number of employees and the business/casual atmosphere,” says Sebastian Gehring. Everything was new, but somehow felt very familiar. “That’s probably because of the interviews, which were very relaxed and informal. We laughed a lot.”

It’ll soon be two years since that first day and Sebastian can look back on a couple of highlights. One being the Mikado onboarding event for all new Bechtle vocational trainees and students, and the other being the Azubi Camp made up of several team building days and workshops offsite. “The group events are always quite special and a lot of fun and are a great way to network and make friends,” says Sebastian Gehring.

Learning every day.

Born in southern Rhineland-Palatinate and now living in the Heilbronn area, Sebastian Gehring enjoys the variety of his job, where every day is different—perfect for the naturally curious Sebastian. “I’m always learning something new. IT is so varied and never boring because things are constantly changing,” says Sebastian Gehring. He's also been able to put into practice what's he's learned at home, such as when setting up his smart home. 

The 24-year old was also confronted with having to deal with his colleagues’ Swabian dialect. “It was something that made me a little nervous. I’m not from round here and no-one speaks like I do, so I was unsure how that was going to work,” he explains. Thankfully, there was no need to worry and you can now hear a hint of Swabian in his own accent. He also attributes the company’s down-to-earth attitude to its Swabian roots. “The teams I’ve worked in so far have been really nice—almost like families,” he says.

It's a great feeling to be asked for ideas and opinions.

Sebastian Gehring

Given a voice from day one.

Vocational trainees spend between two and four months in a department before moving on to the next, so Sebastian Gehring has already experienced global first level support, onsite support, mobile device management, the SharePoint team, networks and is now working with the clouds team. The next and final stop on his tour is computer and storage.

This is the final piece of the puzzle, which has also seen Sebastian working from home half of the week and thus enjoying the best of both worlds. Some of the benefits of being at the office include meeting colleagues, the yoga courses and the good range of vegetarian food, but what he appreciates the most is how respectfully the younger employees are treated. “I’ve never been made to feel like ‘just a trainee’ and I‘ve been encouraged to have my say since day one. It's a great feeling to be asked for ideas and opinions,” he says.

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